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By Cristina Eisenberg / On July 2nd, 2013

On June 25, 2013, President Obama gave what may be his most important speech thus far. In it, he acknowledged the impacts of climate change on our society. These impacts include heightened atmospheric carbon pollution due to fossil fuel consumption,...

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By Admin / On June 28th, 2013

If you think you understand wildlife, imagine trekking 7,600 miles in a panther’s footprints. John Davis did while spending 10 months hiking, biking, and paddling from the tip of Florida to Quebec, to better understand what it would take to establish an...

Photo credit: Flock/bandada by user Rafael Edwards

By Charles C. Chester / On June 26th, 2013

I’m on a site tour, standing with a group of dedicated conservation advocates in a field just outside of Troy, Montana. It’s a truly unimpressive place. A nondescript forested ridge lies in the far distance, a couple of well-kept houses and not-so-well-...

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By Admin / On January 16th, 2013

Allan Savory's TED talk highlights the importance of managing livestock in a way that mimics nature. He makes a compelling case that our future depends on it.  

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By Admin / On October 22nd, 2012

In Trapper's Point, Wyoming, a special team has come together to  protect an endangered species of antelope. Overpasses have been built along Highway 191 to direct pronghorns' migration across the busy road. Jon Beckmann, an editor of ...

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By Admin / On September 7th, 2012

This excellent post at The Fisheries Blog  uses a vist to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's kelp forest to...

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By Admin, Jason Leppig / On September 6th, 2012

This week's pick, Saving a Million Species, is from our Marketing Assistant, Meghan Bartels:

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By Dominick A. DellaSala / On August 16th, 2012

The July 26 editorial "Logging for spotted owls" dismisses decades of scientific research by touting one new study that suggests "heavy thinning" (aka, clear-...

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By Admin / On August 3rd, 2012

Did you read Andrew Sullivan's piece on The Daily...

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By Charles C. Chester / On July 30th, 2012

One of Marvel Comics' most popular characters, Wolverine, was born with the genetic mutation allowing him to recover rapidly from any injury. Combine that with the Canadian [sic] government's program to replace his skeleton with the indestructible metal...