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By Holly Doremus / On April 21st, 2009

The western United States is characterized by highly variable and seasonal rainfall patterns. To deal with the constant threat of drought, the West relies on intensively managed water systems. Today, those systems face two challenges that were not...

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By Anthony Barnosky / On April 10th, 2009

My extended family tells me they're getting a little depressed about hearing all the bad things that might happen from global warming. So I guess it's time to point out that maybe it's not as bleak as it seems. Here's the good news.

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By Anthony Barnosky / On March 25th, 2009

Be afraid (but don't panic).

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By David Wilcove / On November 20th, 2008

A reporter recently called me, asking what changes in environmental policy I hoped to see in an Obama Administration. I immediately thought of the specific issues that have troubled me over the past eight years: unregulated oil and gas exploration in the...