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By Timothy Beatley / On January 16th, 2009

Perhaps because we are such Olympians at moving, at shifting and transitioning to new lives, new jobs and new houses, Americans know relatively little about the places in which they live. Much of my own work has been about the creative ideas for...

Photo Credit: Shrimp farming in Aceh, Indonesia. Photo by Mike Lusmore/Duckrabbit, 2012 via user WorldFish

By Ann Vileisis / On January 14th, 2009

Nowadays when I see bees in my garden, I pay close attention. I have noticed at least four different types. They buzz purposely—so focused on the periwinkle blue flowers of my rosemary hedge. I crouch down to examine their fuzzy bodies and the gorgeous...

Photo Credit: Glen Canyon Dam and Colorado River - Page, Arizona by user Jim Trodel

By Peter Newman / On January 13th, 2009

The seven key innovations of resilient cities are set as city models, which will be detailed over the next several weeks here at "Eco-Compass." While no one city has shown innovation in all seven areas, some are quite advanced in one or two. The...

Photo Credit: Birds on a Wire by user Kiwi Flickr

By Timothy Beatley / On January 8th, 2009

Much of my research and writing over the years has focused on telling stories-innovative efforts at moving cities and urban neighborhoods in the direction of sustainability, at finding ways to build economy, reconnect to place and environment, and at...

Photo Credit: Birds on a Wire by user Kiwi Flickr

By Ann Vileisis / On January 7th, 2009

Lately, I've enjoyed giving greater attention to what I eat and where it comes from. I've canned fresh local tuna, grown leafy greens and purple potatoes in my garden, baked fresh breads, learned the stories of my apples and berries, and generally taken...

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

By Timothy Beatley / On December 23rd, 2008

As we come to the end of another holiday season, it is a fair question to ask whether, for those of us concerned about sustainability, if any of the giving (and holiday consumption) has...

Photo credit: Supreme Court Pediment by user Kevin Harber

By Paul Ehrlich / On December 22nd, 2008

Horrible-and we thought it couldn't get worse when we were in southern Africa six months ago......Paul Ehrlich

Photo credit: Supreme Court Pediment by user Kevin Harber

By Robert Engelman / On December 18th, 2008

The government of Vietnam will decide on December 22 whether to penalize parents who have more than two children, reinitiating a coercive population policy it abandoned in 2003. "We are considering an adjustment to our policy appropriate to the...

Photo Credit: Rockaway Youth on Banner by user Light Brigading

By Jonathan Isham / On December 15th, 2008

Monday Night, at a fine Indian restaurant in the shadow of Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies: after giving...

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By David Wilcove / On December 11th, 2008

Here's a quiz for the birdwatchers out there: Which country has experienced the greatest loss of bird species over the past quarter century? (And by "greatest loss," I mean global extinctions). The answer is not Brazil, Indonesia,...