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By Meghan Bartels / On April 25th, 2014

How can multifamily housing be more livable?

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By Robert Brown / On April 21st, 2014

An elegant sun catch at an outdoor café. Photo by Robert Brown.

Photo Credit: SER Texas A&M Student Association - Bastrop Park Fire Restoration

By Meghan Bartels / On April 10th, 2014

In this installment, Editorial Intern Alex Manasseri talks about her new favorite extracurricular activity.

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By Meghan Bartels / On March 28th, 2014

How do we create safe spaces for bikers and encourage cycling as an alternative to driving? That's the question the National Association of City Transportation Officials tackled with the ...


By Jason Leppig / On March 21st, 2014

View of promenade seating and edge buildings in Bo01. (Photograph by Joakim Lloyd Raboff.)


By Charles R. Wolfe / On January 30th, 2014

In an ongoing series, Urbanism Without Effort author Chuck Wolfe argues the importance of the overlaps, overlays and convergence points that...

Photo credit: Supreme Court Pediment by user Kevin Harber

By Jason Leppig / On January 15th, 2014

Back in November of 2013, President Obama issued an executive order on climate preparedness. Because executive orders circumvent Congress...


By Admin / On November 15th, 2013

This post originally appeared on the Gehl Architects Cities for People blog The implementation of the first pilot projects in Mar del...


By Admin / On November 15th, 2013

This week's selection comes from The Guide to Greening Cities. Rich in tools, insights, and tricks of the trade,...

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By Barbara McCann / On November 11th, 2013

Sustainability is often approached as a technical challenge, something we “should” do, for the good of the planet and for the good of the next generation. But a push toward a more environmentally responsible future will not happen unless we care deeply...