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By Admin / On November 1st, 2013

This post originally appeared on the Gehl Architects Cities for People blog When Janette Sadik Khan and Amanda Burden visited CPH back in...

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By Barbara McCann / On October 28th, 2013

The stories of success keep rolling in. Portland Maine turned summer maintenance projects into Complete Streets improvement opportunities. Detroit’s Woodward Avenue will be redesigned as a major transit corridor, while Lansing has received the state’s...


By Jason Leppig / On October 11th, 2013

This week, join New York City's Chief Urban Designer,...


By Charles R. Wolfe / On October 11th, 2013

Two September experiences reminded me of the strength and fragility of urban places, and the inherent ironies of surviving town forms. One such experience was here, at home, while preparing for a keynote address in New Hampshire scheduled for later this...


By Timothy Beatley / On October 2nd, 2013

Cross-posted at TheCityFix We need nature even more these days. As more people live in cities, nature offers a potent...


By Timothy Beatley / On July 9th, 2013

One key premise of our concept of Biophilic Cities is that nature is (and ought to be) all around us, nearby and readily accessible.

Photo Credit: Glen Canyon Dam and Colorado River - Page, Arizona by user Jim Trodel

By Erik Assadourian / On May 15th, 2013

Ever since directing 


By Admin / On February 22nd, 2013

This week's #ForewordFriday excerpt comes from Reshaping Metropolitan America, by Arthur C. Nelson. What do you think cities will look like in ten years? What about...

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By Admin / On October 26th, 2012

  Courtney Lix, Assistant Editor, on DC's latest effort to improve cycling infrastructure for commuters like her.

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By Worldwatch Institute / On July 24th, 2012

On the 23rd of August, 2012, it is expected that a majority of votes at the Copenhagen City Council will pass the CPH 2025 Climate Plan with the ambition of carbon neutrality by 2025. Despite the meagre results of the international COP15 Climate...