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By Charles C. Chester / On July 30th, 2012

One of Marvel Comics' most popular characters, Wolverine, was born with the genetic mutation allowing him to recover rapidly from any injury. Combine that with the Canadian [sic] government's program to replace his skeleton with the indestructible metal...

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By Admin / On July 24th, 2012

From an important op-ed in the San Diego Union Tribune The southern border region is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the United States and a crossroads for many...

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By Admin / On July 13th, 2012

In anticipation of the Society for Conservation Biology, North American Congress for Conservation Biology meeting that starts this weekend, get familiar with...

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By Steven I. Apfelbaum / On April 20th, 2012

The dustings from most previous storms, and atypical warm conditions, and storm paths that have gone around our southern Wisconsin farm, have left us in an extended “fall or spring-season-like trance”.  Fields of standing upright plant stalks blow and...

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By Dominick A. DellaSala / On August 22nd, 2011

After 30 years of controversy that tore at the social fabric of Tasmania, the federal and Tasmanian governments of Australia finally signed the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement to provide support and funding that will help the timber...

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By David E. Naugle / On April 26th, 2011

Wind energy offers the potential to reduce carbon emissions while increasing energy independence and bolstering economic development. I am a huge proponent of harnessing wind to power our lives but this form of energy development has a larger land...

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By Robert J. Cabin / On April 15th, 2011

The results of last month's annual Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge Bird Survey indicate that birds may colonize reforested areas much faster than experts had predicted. This year's surveyors spotted all five of the common native forest birds and...

By Dominick A. DellaSala / On March 10th, 2011

Pacific salmon are the iconic temperate rainforest species connecting ocean, freshwater, and terrestrial systems, and joining people to the great outdoors.

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By Cristina Eisenberg / On January 17th, 2011

As a conservation biologist, I study the ecological effects of wolves on food webs, focusing on their primary prey (elk) and the foods their prey eat (aspens). My work takes place in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, which has many bears in it....

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By Anthony Barnosky / On May 12th, 2009

People sometimes ask me what they will learn by reading Heatstroke. Basically there are two key messages. One I've already highlighted in past blogs and in a recent...