Board of Directors

Pamela Murphy (Chair)
Chevy Chase, MD

Terry Gamble Boyer (Vice Chair)
San Francisco, CA

Tony Everett (Treasurer)
Washington, DC

Deborah Wiley (Secretary)
Chair, Wiley Foundation, Inc.
New York, NY

Decker Anstrom
Board of Directors, Discovery Communications
Washington, DC

Paula Daniels
Cofounder, Center for Good Food Purchasing
Los Angeles, CA

Melissa Shackleton Dann
Managing Director, Endurance Consulting
Chevy Chase, MD

Katie Dolan
Environmental Writer
Little Compton, RI

Margot Ernst
New York, NY

Alison Greenberg
Executive Director, Georgetown Heritage
Washington, DC

Lisa A. Hook
President and CEO, Neustar Inc.
Washington, DC

David Miller
President, Island Press
Washington, DC

Alison Sant
Cofounder and Partner, Studio for Urban Projects
San Francisco, CA

Ron Sims
Former Deputy Secretary, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Seattle, WA

Sarah Slusser
Managing Director, Point Reyes Energy Partners
Washington, DC