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Georgia Nassikas

Georgia Chafee Nassikas is an artist who works in encaustic, a medium using damar, pigment, and beeswax from her hives. A student of art and art history in Italy and Spain in the late 1970s, she pursued the study of art and architecture at graduate design school in Boston in the early 1980s and focused on drawing, watercolors, and oils. Later she dedicated herself to a challenging series of encaustic works, inspired by the New England coast and her apiaries and gardens outside of Washington, DC. She currently serves on the Boards of the Potomac Conservancy and the Woods Hold Research Center, as well as on the Advisory Board of the Amazon Conservation Association. She has also served on the Boards of the McLean Project for the Arts and St. Mark's School. She is a member of the Garden Club of America and serves on the flower guild of the National Cathedral. Georgia's interest in and commitment to science and the environment came to her at a young age, greatly influenced by her father, the late US Senator John H. Chafee. She and her husband live in McLean, VA.
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