Searching for the Wild in the Age of Man

In New Mexico's Gila Wilderness, 106 Mexican gray wolves may be some of the most monitored wildlife on the planet. Collared, microchipped, and transported by helicopter, the wolves are protected and confined in an attempt to appease ranchers...

320 pages
6 x 9
9 illustrations

Big, Wild, and Connected
Scouting an Eastern Wildway from the Everglades to Quebec

In 2011, adventurer and conservationist John Davis walked, cycled, skied, canoed, and kayaked on an epic 10-month, 7,600-mile journey that took him from the keys of Florida to a remote seashore in northeastern Quebec. Davis was motivated by a...

240 pages
6 x 9
3 photos, 1 illustration

Brilliant Green by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola | An Island Press book
The Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence

Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola; Translated by Joan Benham; Foreword by Michael Pollan

Are plants intelligent? Can they solve problems, communicate, and navigate their surroundings? Or are they passive, incapable of independent action or social behavior? Philosophers and scientists have pondered these questions since ancient Greece...

192 pages
5 x 8
20 illustrations

Protecting the Wild
Parks and Wilderness, the Foundation for Conservation

Protected natural areas have historically been the primary tool of conservationists to conserve land and wildlife. These parks and reserves are set apart to forever remain in contrast to those places where human activities, technologies, and...

392 pages
6 x 9

Early Years in Modern Conservation Biology

In the early 1970s, the environmental movement was underway. Overpopulation was recognized as a threat to human well-being, and scientists like Michael Soulé believed there was a connection between anthropogenic pressures on natural...

376 pages
6 x 9
14 illustrations

The Remarkable Journey of the Jaguar

The jaguar is one of the most mysterious and least-known big cats of the world. The largest cat in the Americas, it has survived an onslaught of environmental and human threats partly because of an evolutionary history unique among wild felines,...

264 pages
6 x 9
One 8-page color insert, 28 photos and illustrations

Keeping the Wild
Against the Domestication of Earth

Is it time to embrace the so-called “Anthropocene”—the age of human dominion—and to abandon tried-and-true conservation tools such as parks and wilderness areas? Is the future of Earth to be fully domesticated, an...

248 pages
6 x 9

Coexisting with and Conserving North America's Predators

What would it be like to live in a world with no predators roaming our landscapes? Would their elimination, which humans have sought with ever greater urgency in recent times, bring about a pastoral, peaceful human civilization? Or in fact is...

328 pages
6 x 9
15 photos, 28 illustrations

Seven Modern Plagues
and How We Are Causing Them

Epidemiologists are braced for the big one: the strain of flu that rivals the pandemic of 1918-1919, which killed at least 20 million people worldwide. In recent years, we have experienced scares with a host of new influenza viruses: bird flu,...

264 pages
5.5 x 8.25

Part 3: From the Adirondack Mountains to the Gaspé Peninsula

John Davis and Wildlands Network

This E-ssential is a three-part series that covers John Davis's epic journey from Florida to Maine. In 2011, with support from the Wildlands Network, Davis traveled 7,600 miles in 10 months from Florida to Maine by foot, bicycle, skis, and canoe...

100 pages
6 x 9
18 photos, 1 illustration


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