North American Rodents
Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

Edited by Eric Yensen and David J. Hafner

The first comprehensive treatment of North American rodents of conservation concern. This action plan summarizes the rodent fauna of North America and provides available information on every rodent taxon that has been considered to be of...

181 pages
8.2 x 10.5

Status Survey And Conservation Action Plan

Edited by Gus Mills and Heribert Hofer

Despite their low species density, hyenas are both unique and vital components of most African and some Asian ecosystems. Although there are only 4 species, they tend to clash with the interests of humans to a greater extent than many other...

160 pages
8.5 x 12

Report of the Eleventh Global Biodiversity Forum 1998
6-8 November 1998, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Brett Orlando and Lesley Smeardon

44 pages
6 x 10.2

Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa

Edited by Neil Burgess and G. P. Clarke

The eastern African coastal strip contains a tiny chain of patches of lowland tropical dry forest. They were previously considered to be of low conservation priority in terms of endemism and species diversity, but research since the mid-1980s has...

456 pages
8.2 x 11.5

Status Survey And Conservation Action Plan

Edited by Chris Wemmer

Deer are an unique group of mammals recognized for their grace and beauty. Some are also prime examples of flagship species, whose continued survival sustains the complex interplay of flora and fauna. Today, many species are under threat of...

112 pages
8.5 x 11

The Science of Conservation Planning
Habitat Conservation Under The Endangered Species Act

Reed F. Noss, Michael O'Connell, and Dennis D. Murphy

Broad-scale conservation of habitats is increasingly being recognized as a more effective means of protecting species and landscapes than single-species preservation efforts. While interest in the approach has grown tremendously in recent years,...

263 pages
6 x 9

The Florida Panther
Life And Death Of A Vanishing Carnivore

When the first field study of the Florida panther took place in 1973, so little was known about the animal that many scientists believed it was already extinct. During more extensive research conducted from 1981 to 1986, panthers were proven to...

278 pages
6 x 9

The Next West
Public Lands, Community, and Economy in the American West

Edited by John Baden and Donald Snow

In The Next West, nearly a dozen leading thinkers and writers including Karl Hess Jr., Mark Sagoff, Ed Marston, Thomas Michael Power, and Stephen Bodio, offer an insightful vision of the future of the American West. Their essays comprise a...

284 pages
6 x 9

Nature's Services
Societal Dependence On Natural Ecosystems

Edited by Gretchen Cara Daily; Forewords by John Peterson Myers and Joshua Reichert

Life itself as well as the entire human economy depends on goods and services provided by earth's natural systems. The processes of cleansing, recycling, and renewal, along with goods such as seafood, forage, and timber, are worth many trillions...

412 pages
6 x 9


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