Biodiversity and the Law

Edited by William J. Snape

Biodiversity and the Law is a timely and provocative volume that combines historical perspective and cutting-edge legal analysis in an authoritative and broad discussion of biodiversity and the law. Leading legal and policy experts...

286 pages
6 x 9

Expanding Partnerships in Conservation

Protected areas around the globe national parks, wildlife reserves, biosphere reserves will prosper only if they are supported by the public, the private sector, and the full range of government agencies. Yet such support is unlikely unless...

318 pages
6 x 9

Bring Back the Buffalo!
A Sustainable Future For America's Great Plains

In Bring Back the Buffalo!, Ernest Callenbach argues that the return of the bison is the key to a sustainable future for the Great Plains. Vast stretches of the region have seen a steady decline in population and are ill-suited for...

280 pages
7 x 9

The Others
How Animals Made Us Human

Paul Shepard has been one of the most brilliant and original thinkers in the field of human evolution and ecology for more than forty years. His thought-provoking ideas on the role of animals in human thought, dreams, personal identity, and other...

384 pages
6 x 9

Eurasian Insectivores and Tree Shrews
Status Survey And Conservation Action Plan

Edited by R. David Stone

This Action Plan highlights the biological importance of these species, reviews current knowledge, and identifies those at risk and the causes, critical areas for conservation, and specific conservation projects.

115 pages
10.8 x 8.3

Nature Reserves of the Himalaya and Mountains of Central Asia

This directory provides details of measures taken to date to establish a system of protected areas in the region, which includes Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and parts of Pakistan, India, Burma, China and the former USSR. Each national system is...

495 pages
6.2 x 9.5

The Seals

David Stone

32 pages
6.2 x 8.5

The Impact of climate change on ecosystems and species
Terrestrial Ecosystems

John C. Pernetta, Rik Leemans, Danny Elder, and Sarah Humphrey

This series presents the results of an investigation by IUCN’s Global Change Programme into the possible implications of predicted global change for natural systems and their management. This publication examines issues specific to...

99 pages
8.5 x 12

Reinventing Nature?
Responses To Postmodern Deconstruction

Edited by Michael E. Soulé and Gary Lease

How much of science is culturally constructed? How much depends on language and metaphor? How do our ideas about nature connect with reality? Can nature be "reinvented" through theme parks and malls, or through restoration?


203 pages
6 x 9

Natural Connections
Perspectives In Community-Based Conservation

Edited by David Western and Michael Wright

Both realism and justice demand that efforts to conserve biological diversity address human needs as well. The most promising hope of accomplishing such a goal lies in locally based conservation efforts -- an approach that seeks ways to make...

600 pages
6 x 9


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