Conservation Across Borders
Biodiversity in an Interdependent World

Conservationists have long been aware that political boundaries rarely coincide with natural boundaries. From the establishment of early "peace parks" to the designation of continental migratory pathways, a wide range of transborder mechanisms...

280 pages
6 x 9

Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting

While certain ecological problems associated with artificial night lighting are widely known-for instance, the disorientation of sea turtle hatchlings by beachfront lighting-the vast range of influences on all types of animals and plants is...

480 pages
6 x 9
53 photos and illustrations

Conservation of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Saving North America's Western Grasslands

Edited by John Hoogland

The prairie dog is a colonial, keystone species of the grassland ecosystem of western North America. Myriad animals regularly visit colony-sites to feed on the grass there, to use the burrows for shelter or nesting, or to prey on the prairie dogs...

342 pages
6 x 9

The Endangered Species Act at Thirty
Vol. 1: Renewing the Conservation Promise

The Endangered Species Act at Thirty is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of issues surrounding the Endangered Species Act, with a specific focus on the act's actual implementation record over the past thirty years. The result of a...

392 pages
6 x 9

State of the Wild
A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wildlands, and Oceans

Edited by Sharon Guynup; Foreword by Kent H. Redford

In wild places where nature thrives, humanity prospers; our well-being is inextricably linked with that of the planet's web of life. In fact, one could argue that the state of the world can be measured by the state of the wild.


344 pages
8 x 10

Building for Life
Designing and Understanding the Human-Nature Connection

Sustainable design has made great strides in recent years; unfortunately, it still falls short of fully integrating nature into our built environment. Through a groundbreaking new paradigm of "restorative environmental design," award-winning...

264 pages
7 x 10

Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations

In 1972, Eric Dinerstein was in film school at Northwestern University, with few thoughts of nature, let alone tiger-filled jungles at the base of the Himalayas or the antelope-studded Serengeti plain. Yet thanks to some inspiring teachers and...

296 pages
6 x 9

Act III in Patagonia
People and Wildlife

Patagonia. The name connotes the exotic and a distance that seems nearly mythical. Tucked toward the toe of South America, this largely unsettled landscape is among the most varied and breathtaking in the world-aching in its beauty as it...

360 pages
6 x 9

Invasive Alien Species
A New Synthesis

Edited by Harold A. Mooney, Richard Mack, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Laurie E. Neville, Peter Johan Schei, and Jeffrey K. Waage

Invasive alien species are among today's most daunting environmental threats, costing billions of dollars in economic damages and wreaking havoc on ecosystems around the world. In 1997, a consortium of scientific organizations including SCOPE...

368 pages
6 x 9

Canids: Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Dogs
Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

Edited by Claudio Sillero-Zubiri, Michael Hoffmann, and Dave Macdonald

The new Canid Action Plan synthesizes the current knowledge on the biology, ecology and status of all wild canid species, and outlines the conservation actions and projects needed to secure their long-term survival. Aiming at conservation...

430 pages
8.2 x 10.8


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