Seeing Things Whole
The Essential John Wesley Powell

John Wesley Powell was an American original. He was the last of the nation's great continental explorers and the first of a new breed of public servant: part scientist, part social reformer, part institution builder. His work and life...

320 pages
6 x 9

John Muir's Last Journey
South To The Amazon And East To Africa: Unpublished Journals And Selected Correspondence

"I am now writing up some notes, but when they will be ready for publication I do not know... It will be a long time before anything is arranged in book form." These words of John Muir, written in June 1912 to a friend, proved prophetic. The...

400 pages
6 x 9

Fire on the Plateau
Conflict And Endurance In The American Southwest

"This book recounts my journey through the Colorado Plateau, a journey through place and time and self.... During my explorations of more than three decades, I found a land that sears into my heart and soul, a place that has taught me and changed...

416 pages
6 x 9

Breaking New Ground

Gifford Pinchot

Vigorous, colorful, bold and highly personal, Breaking New Ground is the autobiography of Gifford Pinchot, founder and first chief of the Forest Service. He tells a fascinating tale of his efforts, under President Theodore Roosevelt, to...

542 pages
6 x 9

From Botswana to the Bering Sea
My Thirty Years With National Geographic

National Geographic has been called a window on the world and a passport to adventure. Each month an estimated forty million people in 190 countries open its pages and are transported to exotic realms that delight the eye and mind. Such...

287 pages
6 x 9

Laurance S. Rockefeller
Catalyst For Conservation

Despite his status as a scion of one of the wealthiest and most famous families in the United States and an enormously successful businessman in his own right, Laurance S. Rockefeller is unknown to all but a small circle of Americans. Yet while...

272 pages
6 x 9

A Natural History of Nature Writing

A Natural History of Nature Writing is a penetrating overview of the origins and development of a uniquely American literature. Essayist and poet Frank Stewart describes in rich and compelling prose the lives and works of the most...

302 pages
6 x 9


Edward O. Wilson – University Professor at Harvard, winner of two Pulitzer prizes, eloquent champion of biodiversity – is arguably one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. His career represents both a blueprint and...

416 pages
6 x 9
52 illustrations

The Classic Polar Adventure

When Admiral Richard E. Byrd set out on his second Antarctic expedition in 1934, he was already an international hero for having piloted the first flights over the North and South Poles. His plan for this latest adventure was to spend six...

310 pages
6 x 9
12 illustrations

Ideas that Matter
The Worlds of Jane Jacobs

Edited by Max Allen

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) is history's most celebrated urban critic. In addition to her classic, Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jacobs authored another half dozen influential books on urban planning, economics, and design. She was...

248 pages
9.25 x 8


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