Corporation 2020
Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World
There is an emerging consensus that all is not well with today’s market-centric economic model. Although it has delivered wealth over the last half century and pulled millions out of poverty, it is recession-prone, leaves too many unemployed,...

296 pages
6 x 9
21 photos and illustrations

Why Corporation 2020?
The Case for a New Corporation in the Next Decade

In Why Corporation 2020?, Pavan Sukhdev examines the many critical planetary boundaries that we are approaching, from greenhouse gas emissions to the nitrogen cycle, freshwater and land use, and food security, and argues that sweeping...

28 pages

2 illustrations

Vital Signs 2012
The Trends that are Shaping Our Future

Just as people schedule regular check-ups with physicians, our planet needs regular check-ups to catch issues as early as possible, before they become more serious and harder to heal. That is the much-needed service provided on a global scale by...

136 pages
7 x 9.25

Marketing for Scientists
How to Shine in Tough Times

It's a tough time to be a scientist: universities are shuttering science departments, federal funding agencies are facing flat budgets, and many newspapers have dropped their science sections altogether. But according to Marc Kuchner, this...

248 pages
6 x 9
12 illustrations

Ecological Economics, Second Edition
Principles and Applications

In its first edition, this book helped to define the emerging field of ecological economics. This new edition surveys the field today. It incorporates all of the latest research findings and grounds economic inquiry in a more robust understanding...

544 pages
7 x 9
56 photos and illustrations

Modeling the Environment, Second Edition

Modeling the Environment was the first textbook in an emerging field—the modeling techniques that allow managers and researchers to see in advance the consequences of actions and policies in environmental management. This new edition...

488 pages
7 x 10
324 illustrations

Greening Our Built World
Costs, Benefits, and Strategies

“Green” buildings—buildings that use fewer resources to build and to sustain—are commonly thought to be too expensive to attract builders and buyers. But are they? The answer to this question has enormous consequences,...

280 pages
8 x 10.5
65 illustrations

The Conservation Program Handbook
A Guide for Local Government Land Acquisition

Between 1996 and 2007, voters approved almost $24 billion for local government park, open space, and other conservation purposes. Despite this substantial sum for land protection, there was at that time no book available to guide officials as...

264 pages
6 x 9
193 photos and illustrations

Confessions of a Radical Industrialist
Profits, People, Purpose - Doing Business by Respecting the Earth

In 1994, Interface founder and chairman Ray Anderson set an audacious goal for his commercial carpet company:  to take nothingfrom the earth that can’t be replaced by the earth.  Now, in the most inspiring business book of our...

320 pages
6 x 9

Don't Be Such a Scientist
Talking Substance in an Age of Style

"You think too much!  You mother F@$#%&* think too much!  You're nothing but an arrogant, pointy-headed intellectual — I want you out of my classroom and off the premises in five minutes or I'm calling the...

216 pages
6 x 9
13 photos and illustrations


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