The New Economy of Nature
The Quest to Make Conservation Profitable

Why shouldn't people who deplete our natural assets have to pay, and those who protect them reap profits? Conservation-minded entrepreneurs and others around the world are beginning to ask just that question, as the increasing scarcity of...

250 pages
6 x 9

Post-Cowboy Economics
Pay And Prosperity In The New American West

Thomas Michael Power and Richard Barrett

A great deal of reactionary political fire in the Mountain West has been aimed at environmental protection measures that are perceived to have destroyed or diminished the livelihoods of long-time residents. Conventional wisdom sees the...

225 pages
6 x 9

Who Owns the Sky?
Our Common Assets And The Future Of Capitalism

Global warming has finally made clear the true costs of using our atmosphere as a giant sponge to soak up unwanted by-products of industrial activity. As nations, businesses, and citizens seek workable yet fair solutions for reducing carbon...

208 pages
6 x 9

Economic Losses from Marine Pollution
A Handbook For Assessment

Douglas D. Ofiara and Joseph Seneca

Marine pollution causes significant damage to fisheries and other economically productive uses of the ocean. The value of that damage can be quantified by economists, but the meanings of those valuations and how they are derived are often obscure...

203 pages
7 x 10

Perverse Subsidies
How Misused Tax Dollars Harm The Environment And The Economy

Much of the global economy depends upon large-scale government intervention in the form of subsidies, both direct and indirect, to support specific industries or economic sectors. Distressingly, many of these subsidies can be characterized as...

240 pages
6 x 9

A Survey of Sustainable Development
Social And Economic Dimensions

Edited by Jonathan Harris, Timothy Wise, Kevin Gallagher, and Neva R. Goodwin; Foreword by Amartya Sen

Perpetual economic growth is physically impossible on a planet with finite resources. Many concerned with humanity's future have focused on the concept of "sustainable development" as an alternative, as they seek means of...

448 pages
6 x 9

Nature and the Marketplace
Capturing The Value Of Ecosystem Services

In recent years, scientists have begun to focus on the idea that healthy, functioning ecosystems provide essential services to human populations, ranging from water purification to food and medicine to climate regulation. Lacking a healthy...

224 pages
6 x 9

Lessons Learned from Environmental Accounting
Findings From Nine Case Studies

Joy E. Hecht

Environmental accounting – the modification of the national income accounts to take into consideration the economic role of the environment – has grown in importance over the past ten years. However, many countries have not yet...

48 pages
8.5 x 11

Competitive Environmental Strategy
A Guide To The Changing Business Landscape

Environmental concerns can greatly affect business success, regardless of whether a business person or corporation shares those concerns. Today's corporate managers must understand the power of environmental issues, and shift their mindset from...

256 pages
8.5 x 11

Financing Protected Areas
Guidelines for Protected Area Managers

IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas

These guidelines explore financing options for protected areas and provide advice and information on sustainable financing. Both public and private financing is needed to ensure provision of the private and public goods and services which...

66 pages
8 x 11.5


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