Fish, Markets, and Fishermen
The Economics Of Overfishing

Suzanne Iudicello, Michael L. Weber, and Robert Wieland

A significant number of the world's ocean fisheries are depleted, and some have collapsed, from overfishing. Although many of the same fishermen who are causing these declines stand to suffer the most from them, they continue to overfish. Why is...

205 pages
6 x 9

The Business of Sustainable Forestry Case Study - Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners
Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners: Building The Business Case For Sustainable Forestry

When business leaders, government officials, and other stakeholders come to the table in an environmental, health, or safety dispute, acrimony often results, leading to expensive and time-consuming litigation. Not only does this waste precious...

41 pages
9 x 11

The Business of Sustainable Forestry Case Study - Collins Pine
Collins Pine Lessons From A Pioneer

Eric Hansen and John Punches

"Born during the "cut and run" days of early twentieth century America, Weyerhaeuser defied conventional industry logic by holding onto timberlands after they were cut rather than walking away. By the late 1930s, the company was...

16 pages
9 x 11

The Business of Sustainable Forestry Case Study - Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies For Sustainable Forestry

Catherine M. Mater

"As experience grows with sustainable forest management (SFM) practices throughout the world, one single factor continues to emerge as noncontrovertible: SFM practices do appear to cost more to implement in the forest. It is this factor that...

27 pages
9 x 11

The Business of Sustainable Forestry
Strategies For An Industry In Transition

Michael Jenkins and Emily Smith; Forewords by Stephan Schmidheiny and Jonathan Lash

A range of powerful forces -- increasing demand for wood, uncertain and decreasing supply, increasing environmental pressures, and growing markets for environmentally certified wood -- are changing the way the forest products industry conducts...

350 pages
6 x 9

Cool Companies
How The Best Businesses Boost Profits And Productivity By Cutting Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

Despite ongoing negotiations, consensus has not yet been reached on what action will be taken to combat global warming. A number of companies have looked beyond the current stalemate to see the prospect of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions not as...

287 pages
6 x 9

Managing Tourism Growth
Issues And Applications

Fred Bosselman, Craig Peterson, and Claire McCarthy

Tourism is by many measures the world's largest and fastest growing industry, and it provides myriad benefits to hosts and visitors alike. Yet if poorly managed, tourism can have serious negative impacts on tourist communities-their environment,...

316 pages
7 x 10

The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century

Compiled by the acknowledged leaders in environmental career information, The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century is a completely revised and updated edition of what has become the standard reference on the subject...

463 pages
6 x 9

Structural Economics
Measuring Change in Technology, Lifestyles, and the Environment

In all societies, the main causes of environmental degradation are resource extraction and the generation of wastes by households and industries. Realistic strategies for mitigating these impacts require an understanding of both the technologies...

235 pages
6 x 9

Sustainability Strategies for Industry
The Future Of Corporate Practice

Edited by Nigel Roome

Sustainability Strategies for Industry contains essays by members of the Greening of Industry Network that examine the emerging picture of sustainability and its implications for industry and for the relationship between industry and other...

332 pages
6 x 9


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