How to Save a River
A Handbook For Citizen Action

How to Save a River presents in a concise and readable format the wisdom gained from years of river protection campaigns across the United States. The book begins by defining general principles of action, including getting organized,...

286 pages
6 x 9

The Case For River Conservation

In Lifelines, Tim Palmer addresses the fate of our waterways. While proposals for gigantic federal dams are no longer common, and some of the worst pollution has been brought under control, myriad other concerns have appeared—many of...

266 pages
6 x 9

More Tree Talk
The People, Politics, and Economics of Timber

More Tree Talk is an insightful and compelling look at the human dimension of the challenges facing forestry. First published in 1981, Tree Talk was widely hailed as the most even-handed and well-written introduction to forestry...

348 pages
6 x 9

Investing in Natural Capital
The Ecological Economics Approach To Sustainability

Investing in Natural Capital presents the results of a workshop held following the second biannual conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics. It focuses on the relation of human development to natural capital, and...

520 pages
6 x 9

The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl
Policy Lessons For A New Century

The controversy over the management of national forests in the Pacific Northwest vividly demonstrates the shortcomings of existing management institutions and natural resource policies. The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl explores the American...

458 pages
6 x 9

Saving Nature's Legacy
Protecting And Restoring Biodiversity

Reed F. Noss, Allen Cooperrider, and Defenders of Wildlife; Foreword by Rodger Schlickeisen

Written by two leading conservation biologists, Saving Nature's Legacy is a thorough and readable introduction to issues of land management and conservation biology. It presents a broad, land-based approach to biodiversity conservation in...

443 pages
6 x 9

A Reader on Population, Consumption and the Environment

Edited by Laurie Ann Mazur; Foreword by Timothy Wirth

Beyond the Numbers presents a thought-provoking series of essays by leading authorities on issues of population and consumption. The essays both define the poles of debate and explore common ground beyond the polarized rhetoric.


460 pages
6 x 9

So Shall You Reap
Farming And Crops In Human Affairs

So Shall You Reap is a broad-gauged exploration of the intersections of farming and history. Beginning with the prehistorical era, Otto and Dorothy Solbrig describe the evolution of farming. When and how did people learn to irrigate, to...

304 pages
6 x 9

The structure of most virgin forests in the western United States reflects a past disturbance history that includes forest fire. James K. Agee, an expert in the emergent field of fire ecology, analyzes the ecological role of fire in the creation...

505 pages
6 x 9