Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate
Promises and Perils


Considered an essential conservation tool, plant reintroductions have been conducted for many of the world's rarest plant species. The expertise and knowledge gained through these efforts constitute an essential storehouse of information for...

432 pages
7 x 10
36 illustrations

The Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land Workbook

Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land was the first practical guidebook to give restorationists and would-be restorationists with little or no scientific background the "how to" information and knowledge they need to plan and implement...

200 pages
8.5 x 10
79 illustrations

Restoration ecology is a young field that integrates theory and knowledge from a range of disciplines, including the biological, physical, and social sciences as well as the humanities. This new textbook, written for upper-division undergraduates...

436 pages
8.5 x 10
135 photos and illustrations

Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration
Integrating Science, Nature, and Culture

Edited by Dave Egan, Evan E. Hjerpe, and Jesse Abrams; Foreword by Eric Higgs

When it comes to implementing successful ecological restoration projects, the social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions are often as important as-and sometimes more important than-technical or biophysical knowledge.


432 pages
7 x 10
23 photos

Intelligent Tinkering
Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice

Robert J. Cabin uses the restoration of tropical dry forestland in Hawaii as an in-depth case study to investigate the scientific, practical, and philosophical issues associated with performing ecological restoration in the messy real world.  ...

240 pages
6 x 9
2 illustrations

Making Nature Whole
A History of Ecological Restoration

Making Nature Whole is a seminal volume that presents an in-depth history of the field of ecological restoration as it has developed in the United States over the last three decades. The authors draw from both published and unpublished...

272 pages
6 x 9

Restoring Disturbed Landscapes
Putting Principles into Practice

Restoring Disturbed Landscapes is a hands-on guide for individuals and groups seeking to improve the functional capacity of landscapes. The book presents a five-step, adaptive procedure for restoring landscapes that is supported by proven...

216 pages
8 x 10
One 16-page color insert, 112 photos, 56 illustrations

Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World
Ecology and Conservation

While tropical rainforests have received much conservation attention and support for their protection, temperate and boreal rainforests have been largely overlooked. Yet these ecosystems are also unique, supporting rainforest communities rich in...

336 pages
7 x 10
29 photos and illustrations

The Death and Life of Monterey Bay
A Story of Revival

Anyone who has ever stood on the shores of Monterey Bay, watching the rolling ocean waves and frolicking otters, knows it is a unique place. But even residents on this idyllic California coast may not realize its full history. Monterey began as a...

224 pages
6 x 9
One 8-page color insert, one 8-page B&W insert, 25 illustrations

Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land

Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land is the first practical guidebook to give restorationists and would-be restorationists with little or no scientific training or background the “how to” information and knowledge they need...

240 pages
7 x 10
24 photos and illustrations


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