In this concise introduction to water resources, Shimon Anisfeld explores the fundamental interactions between humans and water, including drinking, sanitation, irrigation, and power production. The book familiarizes students with the current...

352 pages
5.5 x 8.25
42 photos and illustrations

Escape from the Ivory Tower
A Guide to Making Your Science Matter

Most scientists and researchers aren’t prepared to talk to the press or to policymakers—or to deal with backlash. Many researchers have the horror stories to prove it. What’s clear, according to Nancy Baron, is that scientists,...

272 pages
6 x 9
24 illustrations

Safe Passages
Highways, Wildlife, and Habitat Connectivity

Safe Passages brings together in a single volume the latest information on the emerging science of road ecology as it relates to mitigating interactions between roads and wildlife. This practical handbook of tools and examples is designed...

424 pages
6 x 9
53 illustrations

Bird Migration and Global Change

Changes in seasonal movements and population dynamics of migratory birds in response to ongoing changes resulting from global climate changes are a topic of great interest to conservation scientists and birdwatchers around the world. Because of...

304 pages
6 x 9
9 illustrations

Conservation by Proxy
Indicator, Umbrella, Keystone, Flagship, and Other Surrogate Species

The vast scope of conservation problems has forced biologists and managers to rely on "surrogate" species to serve as shortcuts to guide their decision making. These species-known by a host of different terms, including indicator,...

400 pages
6 x 9
63 illustrations

Conservation for a New Era

Conservation for a New Era outlines the critical issues facing us in the 21st century, developed from the results of the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona in October 2008. The landmark publication takes on the pressing issues of today and...

220 pages
6.5 x 9.2
Full color, 43 photos, 12 illustrations

Dryland Opportunities

Drylands cover 41 percent of the earth’s terrestrial surface. The urgency of and international response to climate change have given a new place to drylands in terms both of their vulnerability to predicted climate change impacts and their...

98 pages
6.8 x 9.8
Full color, 15 photos, 6 illustrations

Ecosystems and Human Well-Being
A Manual for Assessment Practitioners

Neville Ash, Hernán Blanco, Keisha Garcia, Thomas Tomich, Bhaskar Vira, Monika Zurek, and Claire Brown

Designed by a partnership of UN agencies, international scientific organizations, and development agencies, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) is the most extensive study ever of the linkages between the world’s ecosystems and human...

288 pages
7 x 10
34 illustrations

Legal Frameworks for REDD
Design & Implementation at the National Level

This publication identifies and analyzes critical issues in the formulation and implementation of national and sub-national legal frameworks for REDD activities. It is based on substantive findings from four national case studies (Brazil,...

197 pages
6.8 x 9.5

Beyond Naturalness
Rethinking Park and Wilderness Stewardship in an Era of Rapid Change

The central concept guiding the management of parks and wilderness over the past century has been “naturalness”—to a large extent the explicit purpose in establishing these special areas was to keep them in their “natural...

304 pages
6 x 9
17 illustrations


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