Noninvasive Survey Methods for Carnivores

The status of many carnivore populations is of growing concern to scientists and conservationists, making the need for data pertaining to carnivore distribution, abundance, and habitat use ever more pressing. Recent developments in “...

400 pages
8.5 x 11

Revolution on the Range by Courtney White | An Island Press book
The Rise of a New Ranch in the American West

In the final decade of the twentieth century, the American West was at war. Battle lines had hardened, with environmentalists squarely on one side of the fence, and ranchers on the other. By the mid-1990s, debates over the region’s damaged...

248 pages
6 x 9

State of the Wild 2008-2009
A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wildlands, and Oceans

Edited by Eva Fearn; Foreword by Ward Woods

State of the Wild is a biennial series that brings together international conservation experts and writers to discuss emerging issues in the conservation of wildlife and wild places.   Each volume in the series combines evocative writings...

312 pages
8 x 10
158 photos, 10 illustrations

Managing seagrasses for resilience to climate change

Mats Björk, Fred Short, Elizabeth McLeod, and Sven Beer

Seagrasses are flowering plants that thrive in shallow oceanic and estuarine waters around the world. Although there are only about 60 species of seagrasses worldwide, these plants play an important role in many shallow, near-shore, marine...

55 pages
8 x 12

Status of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean sea

Ameer Abdulla, Marina Gomei, Elodie Maison, and Catherine Piante

The main aim of this report is to assess progress towards a network of ecologically representative and effectively managed MPAs that meets international obligations for conservation of the Mediterranean Sea. Specifically, results of this survey...

152 pages
11.6 x 8.3

Protected Areas and Spirituality
Proceedings of the First Workshop of the Delos Initiative

Edited by Josep-Maria Mallarach and Thymio Papayannis

The Delos Initiative focuses on the sacred natural sites in developed countries throughout the world. Its main purpose is to help in maintaining both the sanctity and the biodiversity of these sites, through the understanding of the complex...

327 pages
5.75 x 8.25

Ecosystem approach
Learning from experience

Edited by Gill Shepherd

This book follows applications of the Ecosystem Approach over a 5-10 year period in five locations. Key findings include the vital importance of a full stakeholder analysis, of market analysis and of the promotion of institutional evolution.

190 pages
6 x 9

Governance for Sustainability
Issues, Challenges, Successes

Klaus Bosselmann, Ron Engel, and Prue Taylor

This report is currently available in an electronic format only. To view the report and others published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), please visit IUCN's website.    Governance...

260 pages
6.8 x 9.5

Ecological Restoration
Principles, Values, and Structure of an Emerging Profession

The field of ecological restoration is a rapidly growing discipline that encompasses a wide range of activities and brings together practitioners and theoreticians from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, ranging from volunteer backyard...

230 pages
7 x 10
68 photos and illustrations

Mountain Goats
Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of an Alpine Ungulate

Mountain goats have been among the least studied of North American ungulates, leaving wildlife managers with little information on which to base harvest strategies or conservation plans.   This book offers the first comprehensive assessment...

280 pages
6 x 9


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