Climate Affairs
A Primer

Climate Affairs sets forth in a concise primer the base of knowledge needed to begin to address questions surrounding the unknown impacts of climate change. In so doing, it outlines a new approach to understanding the interactions among...

184 pages
5 x 8

Solving Sprawl
Models Of Smart Growth In Communities Across America

Solving Sprawl shines a spotlight on American communities that are applying smart growth principles in successfully addressing the problem of sprawl. It offers examples that illustrate key concepts and tells the story of how this new approach to...

212 pages
6 x 9

Energy Revolution
Policies for a Sustainable Future

The transformation from a carbon-based world economy to one based on high efficiency and renewables is a necessary step if human society is to achieve sustainability. But while scientists and researchers have made significant advances in energy...

256 pages
6 x 9

Climate Change Policy
A Survey

Edited by Stephen H. Schneider, Armin Rosencranz, and John O. Niles

Questions surrounding the issue of climate change are evolving from "Is it happening?" to "What can be done about it?" The primary obstacles to addressing it at this point are not scientific but political and economic; nonetheless a quick...

584 pages
6 x 9

Science, Policy, and the Pursuit of Sustainability

In the early 2000s, energy prices have fluctuated wildly, from historic highs in the winter and spring of 2001 to the lowest wholesale prices in decades a few short months later. As the largest user of fossil-fuel energy, the United States is...

208 pages
6 x 9

Wildlife Responses to Climate Change
North American Case Studies

Edited by Stephen H. Schneider and Terry Root; Foreword by Mark Van Putten

Wildlife Responses to Climate Change is the culmination of a three-year project to research and study the impacts of global climate change on ecosystems and individual wildlife species in North America. In 1997, the National Wildlife...

350 pages
6 x 9

Who Owns the Sky?
Our Common Assets And The Future Of Capitalism

Global warming has finally made clear the true costs of using our atmosphere as a giant sponge to soak up unwanted by-products of industrial activity. As nations, businesses, and citizens seek workable yet fair solutions for reducing carbon...

208 pages
6 x 9

Cool Companies
How The Best Businesses Boost Profits And Productivity By Cutting Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

Despite ongoing negotiations, consensus has not yet been reached on what action will be taken to combat global warming. A number of companies have looked beyond the current stalemate to see the prospect of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions not as...

287 pages
6 x 9

Reinventing Electric Utilities
Competition, Citizen Action, and Clean Power

Edward Smeloff and Peter Asmus; Foreword by Amory Lovins

Traditionally protected as monopolies, electric utilities are now being caught in the fervor for deregulation that is sweeping the country. Nearly forty states have enacted or are considering laws and regulations that will profoundly alter the...

254 pages
6 x 9

Environmental Justice
Issues, Policies, and Solutions

Edited by Bunyan Bryant

In Environmental Justice, leading thinkers of the environmental justice movement take a direct look at the failure of "top down" public policy to effectively deal with issues of environmental equity.

The book provides a startling look at...

288 pages
6 x 9


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