Where Our Food Comes From
Retracing Nikolay Vavilov's Quest to End Famine

The future of our food depends on tiny seeds in orchards and fields the world over. In 1943, one of the first to recognize this fact, the great botanist Nikolay Vavilov, lay dying of starvation in a Soviet prison. But in the years before Stalin...

264 pages
6 x 9
One 8-page color insert

Revolution on the Range by Courtney White | An Island Press book
The Rise of a New Ranch in the American West

In the final decade of the twentieth century, the American West was at war. Battle lines had hardened, with environmentalists squarely on one side of the fence, and ranchers on the other. By the mid-1990s, debates over the region’s damaged...

248 pages
6 x 9

Kitchen Literacy by Ann Vileisis | An Island Press book
How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back

Ask children where food comes from, and they’ll probably answer: “the supermarket.” Ask most adults, and their replies may not be much different. Where our foods are raised and what happens to them between farm and supermarket...

352 pages
6 x 9
30 illustrations

Farming with Nature
The Science and Practice of Ecoagriculture

A growing body of evidence shows that agricultural landscapes can be managed not only to produce crops but also to support biodiversity and promote ecosystem health. Innovative farmers and scientists, as well as indigenous land managers, are...

472 pages
6 x 9

978 Interactions between aquaculture and the environment
Guide for the sustainable

Aquaculture currently faces a significant challenge: how to fulfill the expectation of alleviating the pressure that fishing fleets exercise on fish populations without leading to environmental problems. It is particularly expected to develop...

110 pages
5 x 8

Holistic Management Handbook
Healthy Land, Healthy Profits

Holistic management, as described by Allan Savory in the books Holistic Resource Management (Island Press, 1988) and the revised edition, Holistic Management (Island Press, 2001), has been practiced by thousands of people around...

272 pages
8.5 x 11
One 10-page color insert, 93 illustrations

Saving the Ranch
Conservation Easement Design In The American West

With land values skyrocketing and cattle prices falling, ranchers across the American West are seeking to capitalize on a lifetime of stewardship. The solution for many comes in the form of a conservation easement -- a voluntary legal...

176 pages
11 x 8.5

Agriculture and the Nitrogen Cycle
Assessing the Impacts of Fertilizer Use on Food Production and the Environment

Nitrogen is an essential element for plant growth and development and a key agricultural input-but in excess it can lead to a host of problems for human and ecological health. Across the globe, distribution of fertilizer nitrogen is very...

344 pages
6 x 9

Why Some Like It Hot
Food, Genes, and Cultural Diversity

Do your ears burn whenever you eat hot chile peppers? Does your face immediately flush when you drink alcohol? Does your stomach groan if you are exposed to raw milk or green fava beans? If so, you are probably among the one-third of the world...

244 pages
6 x 9

A Commodity-By-Commodity Guide To Impacts And Practices

World Agriculture and the Environment presents a unique assessment of agricultural commodity production and the environmental problems it causes, along with prescriptions for increasing efficiency and reducing damage to natural systems...

570 pages
6 x 9


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