Evolution and Christian Faith
Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist

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"I'm an evolutionary biologist and a Christian," states Stanford professor Joan Roughgarden at the outset of her...

168 pages
4.5 x 7.25

Cities in the Wilderness
A New Vision of Land Use in America

In this brilliant, gracefully written, and important new book, former Secretary of the Interior and Governor of Arizona Bruce Babbitt brings fresh thought--and fresh air--to questions of how we can build a future we want to live in.


224 pages
6 x 9

Forcing the Spring
The Transformation of the American Environmental Movement

Originally published in 1993, Forcing the Spring was quickly recognized as a seminal work in the field of environmental history. The book links the environmental movement that emerged in the 1960s to earlier movements that had not...

448 pages
6 x 9

Reconstructing Earth
Technology and Environment in the Age of Humans

The Earth's biological, chemical, and physical systems are increasingly shaped by the activities of one species-ours. In our decisions about everything from manufacturing technologies to restaurant menus, the health of the planet has become a...

224 pages
6 x 9

Conservation Directory 2005-2006
The Guide To Worldwide Environmental Organizations

The 2005-2006 edition of the National Wildlife Federation Conservation Directory is the most comprehensive listing of conservation and environmental organizations ever published, with information on over 4,000 government agencies,...

768 pages
8 x 10.5

The ECO Guide to Careers that Make a Difference
Environmental Work For A Sustainable World

How can you make a real difference in the world and make a good living at the same time? The ECO Guide to Careers That Make a Difference: Environmental Work for a Sustainable World provides the answer. Developed by The Environmental...

320 pages
7 x 9

Environmentalism and the Technologies of Tomorrow
Shaping The Next Industrial Revolution

We sit at the doorstep of multiple revolutions in robotic, genetic, information, and communication technologies, whose powerful interactions promise social and environmental transformations we are only beginning to understand. How can we...

208 pages
6 x 9

Correction Lines
Essays on Land, Leopold, and Conservation

The last fifteen years have been a period of dramatic change, both in the world at large and within the fields of ecology and conservation. The end of the Cold War, the dot-com boom and bust, the globalizing economy, and the attacks of September...

245 pages
6 x 9

Earth in Mind
On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect

In Earth in Mind, noted environmental educator David W. Orr focuses not on problems in education, but on the problem of education. Much of what has gone wrong with the world, he argues, is the result of inadequate and misdirected...

240 pages
6 x 9

The New Consumers
The Influence Of Affluence On The Environment

While overconsumption by the developed world's roughly one billion inhabitants is an abiding problem, another one billion increasingly affluent "new consumers" in developing countries will place additional strains on the earth...

192 pages
6 x 9


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