Fundamentals of Sustainable Dwellings

Despite a prolonged slump in the housing market, the demand for residential green building remains strong. More than ever, professionals need reliable information about how to construct or retrofit livable, sustainable, and economical homes. With...

272 pages
8 x 10.5
98 photos, 149 illustrations

The Agile City
Building Well-being and Wealth in an Era of Climate Change

In a very short time America has realized that global warming poses real challenges to the nation's future. The Agile City engages the fundamental question: what to do about it?   Journalist and urban analyst James S. Russell argues that...

312 pages
6 x 9
43 photos

Biophilic Cities
Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning

Tim Beatley has long been a leader in advocating for the "greening" of cities. But too often, he notes, urban greening efforts focus on everything except nature, emphasizing such elements as public transit, renewable energy production,...

208 pages
6 x 9
31 illustrations

Cities for People

Jan Gehl; Foreword by Lord Richard Rogers

For more than forty years Jan Gehl has helped to transform urban environments around the world based on his research into the ways people actually use—or could use—the spaces where they live and work. In this revolutionary book, Gehl...

288 pages
7.5 x 10
483 photos, 41 illustrations

Changing Contexts in Urban Regeneration
30 years of Modernisation in Rotterdam

Urban renewal plans need to respond to new conditions and requirements, caused by changes in the population and in social structure.   Changing Contexts in Urban Regeneration presents a comprehensive overview of relevant theory, including the...

288 pages
6.69 x 9.44

Greening Our Built World
Costs, Benefits, and Strategies

“Green” buildings—buildings that use fewer resources to build and to sustain—are commonly thought to be too expensive to attract builders and buyers. But are they? The answer to this question has enormous consequences,...

280 pages
8 x 10.5
65 illustrations

Building an Emerald City
A Guide to Creating Green Building Policies and Programs

In 2000, Seattle, Washington, became the first U.S. city to officially adopt the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) “Silver” standards for its own major construction projects. In...

224 pages
8 x 10.5
36 photos and illustrations

The Nature of a House
Building a World that Works

Is it possible for a group of the world’s most respected environmental scientists to truly practice what they preach? Can their expertise in climate change help them in transforming an old house and its nine acres into their new office...

160 pages
6 x 9
9 photos, 7 illustrations

Green Building Trends

The “green building revolution” is a worldwide movement for energy-efficient, environmentally aware architecture and design. Europe has been in the forefront of green building technology, and Green Building Trends: Europe...

192 pages
8 x 10
58 photos and illustrations

The Wayfinding Handbook
Information Design for Public Places

David Gibson

152 pages
8 x 7


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