Visualizing the Invisible
Towards an Urban Space

Edited by Stephen Read and Camilo Pinilla

Visualizing the Invisible explores a possible nature of the contemporary urban, drawing on structuralist, post-structuralist and ‘organic’ philosophy (Whitehead, Gregory Bateson, Lefebvre, Foucault, Bergson, Deleuze, Latour, and...

196 pages
6 x 9

The Challenge of Social Innovation in Urban Revitalization

Edited by Paul Drewe, Juan-Luis Klein, and Edward Hulsbergen

Urban revitalization is a long process, and social innovations can crucially contribute to its success. Just as with technological developments, it is almost impossible to predict which social innovations will be effective. Only in retrospect can...

272 pages
6 x 9

Sustainable Housing Projects
Implementing a Conceptual Approach

Due to exhaustible resources, large urban developments, and the current attention given to climate issues, sustainable building is back on the agenda. This goes for governments in both well-developed countries like France, Spain, the United...

112 pages
6 x 9

Sustainable Urbanism
Urban Design With Nature

Douglas Farr

Written by the chair of the LEED-Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) initiative, Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature is both an urgent call to action and a comprehensive introduction to "sustainable urbanism"--the emerging and growing...

256 pages
8 x 9

Biodiversity Planning and Design
Sustainable Practices

How do you measure biodiversity, and why should landscape architects and planners care? What are the essential issues, the clearest terminology, and the most effective methods for biodiversity planning and design? How can they play a role in...

128 pages
8 x 10
One 16-page color insert, 16 illustrations

The Essential Ian McHarg
Writings on Design and Nature

The Essential Ian McHarg brings together a series of short essays that reveal the full range of Ian McHarg's thoughts on design and nature. Adapted from the comprehensive book of his work, To Heal the Earth, these carefully...

192 pages
6 x 9

Connecting Open Space in North American Cities

In metropolitan areas across the country, you can hear the laments over the loss of green space to new subdivisions and strip malls. But some city residents have taken unprecedented measures to protect their open land, and a growing movement...

352 pages
7 x 10
46 photos, 46 illustrations

Measuring Landscapes
A Planner's Handbook

This practical handbook bridges the gap between those scientists who study landscapes and the planners and conservationists who must then decide how best to preserve and build environmentally-sound habitats. Until now, only a small portion of the...

272 pages
6 x 9

Designing Greenways
Sustainable Landscapes for Nature and People, Second Edition

How are greenways designed? What situations lead to their genesis, and what examples best illustrate their potential for enhancing communities and the environment? Designing greenways is a key to protecting landscapes, allowing wildlife to...

288 pages
8.25 x 10.5

Green Infrastructure
Linking Landscapes and Communities

With illustrative and detailed examples drawn from throughout the country, Green Infrastructure advances smart land conservation: large scale thinking and integrated action to plan, protect and manage our natural and restored lands. From...

320 pages
7 x 10
60 photos and illustrations


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