Overview of the conservation status of cartilaginous fishes (Chrondrichthyans) in the Mediterranean Sea

With the highest percentage of threatened sharks and rays in the world, the Mediterranean region is in need of regional planning and policy development for the conservation and sustainable management of chondrichthyan fishes. This third report in...

42 pages
11.4 x 8

Fish Conservation
A Guide to Understanding and Restoring Global Aquatic Biodiversity and Fishery Resources

Fish Conservation offers, for the first time in a single volume, a readable reference with a global approach to marine and freshwater fish diversity and fishery resource issues. Gene Helfman brings together available knowledge on the decline and...

608 pages
8 x 10
133 illustrations

Humanity can make short work of the oceans’ creatures. In 1741, hungry explorers discovered herds of Steller’s sea cow in the Bering Strait, and in less than thirty years, the amiable beast had been harpooned into extinction. It...

456 pages
6 x 9
36 photos and illustrations

Menhaden and America

In this brilliant portrait of the oceans’ unlikely hero, H. Bruce Franklin shows how menhaden have shaped America’s national—and natural—history, and why reckless overfishing now threatens their place in both. Since Native...

280 pages
6 x 9
26 photos and illustrations

The Silicon Cycle
Human Perturbations and Impacts on Aquatic Systems

Silicon is among the most abundant elements on earth. It plays a key but largely unappreciated role in many biogeochemical processes, including those that regulate climate and undergird marine food webs.


The Silicon...

296 pages
6 x 9

The Ocean and Coastal Conservation Guide 2005-2006

Edited by David Helvarg

A new environmental movement is emerging to help combat threats to America's oceans and coasts, with hundreds of local and regional groups as well as dozens of national and international organizations being formed. The Ocean and Coastal...

234 pages
7 x 10

Striper Wars
An American Fish Story

When populations of striped bass began plummeting in the early 1980s, author and fisherman Dick Russell was there to lead an Atlantic coast conservation campaign that resulted in one of the most remarkable wildlife comebacks in the history of...

368 pages
6 x 9

Marine Conservation Biology
The Science of Maintaining the Sea's Biodiversity

Marine Conservation Biology Institute; Edited by Elliott A. Norse and Larry B. Crowder; Foreword by Michael E. Soulé

Humans are terrestrial animals, and our capacity to see and understand the importance and vulnerability of life in the sea has trailed our growing ability to harm it. While conservation biologists are working to address environmental problems...

496 pages
8 x 10
6 photos, 48 illustrations

Defying Ocean's End
An Agenda For Action

Edited by Linda Glover and Sylvia Earle; Foreword by Graeme Kelleher

If humankind were given a mandate to do everything in our power to undermine the earth's functioning, we could hardly do a better job than we have in the past thirty years on the world's oceans, both by what we are putting into it-millions of...

250 pages
8 x 10

Marine Reserves
A Guide to Science, Design, and Use

Conventional fishery management practices have failed to prevent the collapse of numerous fish stocks around the world. Amid growing concern about our ability to protect marine biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, scientists and managers...

220 pages
7 x 10


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