Fishing Grounds
Defining A New Era For American Fisheries Management

Fisheries management today is highly contentious. The interests of fishers and fish processors, coastal communities, the government, and environmental organizations are often different and can even be mutually incompatible.

Fishing Grounds...

256 pages
6 x 9
3 illustrations

Net Gains
Fisheries Management, International Trade, and Sustainable Development

Carolyn Deere

An overview of the relationship between trade liberalization under the WTO and the requirements of sustainable fisheries management, this is a helpful reference for use in trade and environmental issues.  Using fisheries as an issue requiring...

94 pages
6 x 9

The Future of U.S. Ocean Policy
Choices For The New Century

The United States is about to embark on the most thorough reconsideration of its ocean policy in more than three decades. With 1998 designated as the International Year of the Ocean by the United Nations, and with both the executive branch and...

400 pages
6 x 9

Marine and Coastal Protected Areas, 3rd Edition
A Guide for Planners and Managers

John R. Clark and Rodney V. Salm

This is a new edition of the classic textbook on marine protected area (MPA) management in the tropics, originally produced as an output of the Bali World Parks Congress in 1982. Approaches to planning and managing MPAs have evolved considerably...

387 pages
7 x 10

The Hidden Costs of Coastal Hazards
Implications For Risk Assessment And Mitigation

Society has limited hazard mitigation dollars to invest. Which actions will be most cost effective, considering the true range of impacts and costs incurred? In 1997, the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment began a...

252 pages
6 x 9

Fish, Markets, and Fishermen
The Economics Of Overfishing

Suzanne Iudicello, Michael L. Weber, and Robert Wieland

A significant number of the world's ocean fisheries are depleted, and some have collapsed, from overfishing. Although many of the same fishermen who are causing these declines stand to suffer the most from them, they continue to overfish. Why is...

205 pages
6 x 9

Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas

Edited by Graeme Kelleher

The world urgently needs a comprehensive system of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to conserve biodiversity and to help rebuild the productivity of the oceans. The aim of these Guidelines is to help countries establish systems of MPAs as a key...

131 pages
8.3 x 11.7

Natural Hazard Mitigation
Recasting Disaster Policy And Planning

The first half of the 1990s saw the largest and most costly floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes in the history of the United States. While natural hazards cannot be prevented, their human impacts can be greatly reduced through advance action...

591 pages
6 x 9
37 illustrations

Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management
Concepts And Practices

Biliana Cicin-Sain and Robert Knecht; Foreword by Gunnar Kullenberg

Biliana Cicin-Sain and Robert W. Knecht are co-directors of the Center for the Study of Marine Policy at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware and co-authors of The Future of U.S. Ocean Policy (Island Press, 1998).

543 pages
7 x 10

Creating a Sea Change
The WWF/IUCN Marine Policy

Don Hinrichsen and Susan M. Wells

WWF and IUCN have joined forces to outline a policy that will address the complexity of the oceans and coasts as well as our dependency on them. The challenge of protecting and sustainably managing marine natural resources, the last great source...

64 pages
10.8 x 8.3


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