Greening the College Curriculum
A Guide To Environmental Teaching In The Liberal Arts

Edited by Jonathan Collett and Stephen Karakashian

Greening the College Curriculum provides the tools college and university faculty need to meet personal and institutional goals for integrating environmental issues into the curriculum. Leading educators from a wide range of fields,...

341 pages
6 x 9

Biodiversity and the Law

Edited by William J. Snape

Biodiversity and the Law is a timely and provocative volume that combines historical perspective and cutting-edge legal analysis in an authoritative and broad discussion of biodiversity and the law. Leading legal and policy experts...

286 pages
6 x 9

Wildlife Policies in the U.S. National Parks

Frederic H. Wagner, Ronald Foresta, Richard Bruce Gill, Dale Richard McCullough, Michael R. Pelton, William F. Porter, and Hal Salwasser

This volume presents the results of a five-year study of wildlife-management policies in national parks. It synthesizes interviews with individuals inside and outside the National Park Service, provides a comprehensive review of published and...

251 pages
6 x 9

Rural Development in the United States
Connecting Theory, Practice, and Possibilities

William A. Galston and Karen Baehler

Rural Development in the United States presents a comprehensive evaluation of the economic, environmental, and political implications of past rural development and a thorough consideration of the directions in which future development...

366 pages
6 x 9

Environmental Policy and Biodiversity

Scientists and policymakers must work together if solutions to the biodiversity crisis are to be found. Yet all too often, scientific data are unknown or incomprehensible to policymakers, and political realities are not fully appreciated by...

426 pages
6 x 9

Wild Forests
Conservation Biology And Public Policy

Wild Forests presents a coherent review of the scientific and policy issues surrounding biological diversity in the context of contemporary public forest management. The authors examine past and current practices of forest management and...

323 pages
6 x 9

The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl
Policy Lessons For A New Century

The controversy over the management of national forests in the Pacific Northwest vividly demonstrates the shortcomings of existing management institutions and natural resource policies. The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl explores the American...

458 pages
6 x 9

Crossing the Next Meridian
Land, Water, and the Future of the West

In Crossing the Next Meridian, Charles F. Wilkinson, an expert on federal public lands, Native American issues, and the West's arcane water laws explains some of the core problems facing the American West now and in the years to come. He...

389 pages
6 x 9

Inside the Environmental Movement
Meeting The Leadership Challenge

Inside the Environmental Movement presents the findings of a study conducted by The Conservation Fund of leadership development needs among U.S. conservation groups.

329 pages
6 x 9

Legal Aspects of the Conservation of Wetlands
"Papers Presented At An International Conference Held In Lyon, France"

Jean Untermaier

207 pages
6.5 x 9.2


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