Coastal Governance

Coastal Governance provides a clear overview of how U.S. coasts are currently managed and explores new approaches that could make our shores healthier. Drawing on recent national assessments, Professor Richard Burroughs explains why traditional...

256 pages
5.5 x 8.75
21 illustrations

Straight Up
America's Fiercest Climate Blogger Takes on the Status Quo Media, Politicians, and Clean Energy Solutions

In 2009, Rolling Stone named Joe Romm to its list of "100 People Who Are Changing America." Romm is a climate expert, physicist, energy consultant, and former official in the Department of Energy. But it’s his influential blog,...

248 pages
6 x 9
8 illustrations

Legal Frameworks for REDD
Design & Implementation at the National Level

This publication identifies and analyzes critical issues in the formulation and implementation of national and sub-national legal frameworks for REDD activities. It is based on substantive findings from four national case studies (Brazil,...

197 pages
6.8 x 9.5

The Climate Solutions Consensus
What We Know and What To Do About It

In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize (with former Vice President Al Gore) for its reporting on the human causes of climate change. In 2008, the National Council for Science and the Environment...

336 pages
7 x 10
48 photos and illustrations

Taking Back Eden
Eight Environmental Cases that Changed the World

Taking Back Eden is the gripping tale of an idea—that ordinary people have the right to go to court to defend their environment—told through the stories of lawsuits brought in eight countries around the world. Starting in the United...

256 pages
6 x 9
14 photos, 5 illustrations

Building an Emerald City
A Guide to Creating Green Building Policies and Programs

In 2000, Seattle, Washington, became the first U.S. city to officially adopt the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) “Silver” standards for its own major construction projects. In...

224 pages
8 x 10.5
36 photos and illustrations

A Pivotal Moment
Population, Justice, and the Environmental Challenge

Through a series of essays by leading demographers, environmentalists and reproductive health advocates, A Pivotal Moment offers a new perspective on the complex connection between population dynamics and environmental quality. It presents the...

432 pages
6 x 9
21 illustrations

The Rebirth of Environmentalism
Grassroots Activism from the Spotted Owl to the Polar Bear

Over the past two decades, a select group of small but highly effective grassroots organizations have achieved remarkable success in protecting endangered species and forests in the United States. The Rebirth of Environmentalism tells for...

304 pages
6 x 9
3 illustrations

America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It

In the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas casinos use billions of gallons of water for fountains, pirate lagoons, wave machines, and indoor canals. Meanwhile, the town of Orme, Tennessee, must truck in water from Alabama because it has...

432 pages
6 x 9
9 photos, 13 illustrations

Covering ABS
Addressing the Need for Sectoral, Geographical, Legal, and International Integration

Tomme Young

The most difficult and least addressed ABS implementation issue is that of coverage. On the one hand, the CBD’s ABS provisions appear to give every country full rights over all genetic resources found in the country, even if the exact...

184 pages
8 x 10


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