Contracting for ABS
The Legal and Scientific Implications of Bioprospecting Contracts

Shakeel Bhatti, Tomme Young, Santiago Carrizosa, and Patrick McGuire

Contracts relating to scientific/technical development are effective only where they are enforceable or valid under relevant law, can be practically implemented by the parties, and address matters arising from the relevant scientific/technical...

307 pages
8 x 11.5

Planning for Coastal Resilience
Best Practices for Calamitous Times

Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and magnitude of coastal storms around the globe, and the anticipated rise of sea levels will have enormous impact on fragile and vulnerable coastal regions. In the U.S., more than 50% of the...

200 pages
6 x 9
23 illustrations

Communication Skills for Conservation Professionals

Whether you are managing wetlands, protecting endangered species, or restoring ecosystems, you need to be able to communicate effectively in order to solve conservation and resource management problems. Communication Skills for Conservation...

480 pages
6 x 9
49 photos and illustrations

Environmental Regulations and Housing Costs

Many communities across the nation still lack affordable housing. And many officials continue to claim that “affordable housing” is an oxymoron. Building inexpensively is impossible, they say, because there are too many regulations....

288 pages
6 x 9
7 illustrations

Roadless Rules
The Struggle for the Last Wild Forests

Roadless Rules is a fast-paced and insightful look at one of the most important, wide-ranging, and controversial efforts to protect public forests ever undertaken in the United States.


In January 2000, President Clinton...

192 pages
6 x 9

Wildlife Law
A Primer

Wildlife Law is a comprehensive and readable primer that provides an overview of U.S. wildlife law for a broad audience, including professionals who work with wildlife or who manage wildlife habitat, students across the spectrum of natural...

360 pages
6 x 9

Old Growth in a New World
A Pacific Northwest Icon Reexamined

Old-growth forests represent a lofty ideal as much as an ecosystem—an icon of unspoiled nature, ecological stability, and pristine habitat. These iconic notions have actively altered the way society relates to old-growth forests, catalyzing...

360 pages
6 x 9

A Tax Guide to Conservation Easements

Voluntary land conservation, resulting from increasingly alluring tax benefits, has significantly changed the face of land use in the United States and promises to have an even more significant influence in the future. There are more than 1,500...

304 pages
6 x 9
10 photos and illustrations

Energy for Sustainability by John Randolph and Gilbert M. Masters | An Island Press book
Technology, Planning, Policy

Energy for Sustainability is the first undergraduate textbook on renewable energy and energy efficiency with a unique focus on the community scale. Written by two of the foremost experts in the field, it is a pedagogically complete...

816 pages
8.25 x 10
428 photos and illustrations

Poisoned for Pennies
The Economics of Toxics and Precaution

“Cost-benefit analysis” is a term that is used so frequently we rarely stop to think about it. But relying on it can lead to some dubious conclusions, as Frank Ackerman points out in this eye-opening book. For example, some economists...

352 pages
6 x 9
7 photos and illustrations


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