Race to Save the Tropics
Ecology And Economics For A Sustainable Future

Edited by Robert Goodland; Foreword by Dan Janzen

Race to Save the Tropics documents the conflict between economic development and protection of biological diversity in tropical countries.

225 pages
6 x 9

From The Land
Articles Compiled From The Land 1941-1954

Edited by Nancy Pittman

Begun in 1941 as an outgrowth of Friends of the Land, the journal The Land was an attempt by editor Russell Lord to counteract -- through education, information, and inspiration -- the rampant abuse of soil, water, trees and rivers. But...

491 pages
6 x 9

Green Fields Forever
The Conservation Tillage Revolution In America

Green Fields Forever changes the way Americans think about agriculture. It is the story of 'conservation tillage'--a new way to grow food for the first time that works with, rather than against, the soil. Farmers who are...

209 pages
6 x 9


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