Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities

A step-by-step guide to more synthetic, holistic, and integrated urban design strategies, Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities is a practical manual to accomplish complex community design decisions and create more green, clean, and...

192 pages
7 x 10

A Moving Target
Genetic Resources and Options for Tracking and Monitoring their International Flows

Manuel Ruiz Miller, Isabel Lapena, Environmental Law Centre, and German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Current discussions over the "Certificate of Origin, Source and Legal Provenance" include the legal and practical implications associated with tracking the flow of genetic resources. Knowing what is where, how it got there, and whether conditions...

124 pages
8.25 x 11.75

Beyond Access
Exploring Implementation of the Fair and Equitable Sharing Commitment in the CBD

Morten Walloe, Tomme Young, Environmental Law Centre, and Fridtjof Nansen Institute

Fewer than 11% of CBD Parties have adopted substantive ABS law, and nearly all of these are developing countries, focusing almost entirely on the 'access' side of the equation. Most of the CBD's specific ABS obligations, however,...

148 pages
8.25 x 11.75

Sustainability Indicators
A Scientific Assessment

While the concept of sustainability has been widely embraced, it has been only vaguely defined and is exceedingly difficult to measure. Sustainability indicators are critical to making the broad concept of sustainability operational by providing...

448 pages
6 x 9

Forest partnerships
Enhancing local livelihoods and protecting the environment in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Edited by Maria Osbeck and Marisha Wojciechowska-Shibuya

This publication draws on lessons learned from Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea in forest management, community development, indigenous knowledge and access to resources and social networks within the broad framework of the sustainable...

8.2 x 11.5

978 Interactions between aquaculture and the environment
Guide for the sustainable

Aquaculture currently faces a significant challenge: how to fulfill the expectation of alleviating the pressure that fishing fleets exercise on fish populations without leading to environmental problems. It is particularly expected to develop...

110 pages
5 x 8

Communicating Nature
How We Create and Understand Environmental Messages

A broader and more comprehensive understanding of how we communicate with each other about the natural world and our relationship to it is essential to solving environmental problems. How do individuals develop beliefs and ideologies about the...

368 pages
6 x 9
7 photos, 6 illustrations

The World's Water 2006-2007
The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources

Peter H. Gleick, Gary H. Wolff, Heather Cooley, Meena Palaniappan, Andrea Samulon, Emily Lee, Jason Morrison, and David Katz

Produced biennially, The World's Water provides a timely examination of the key issues surrounding freshwater resources and their use. Each new volume identifies and explains the most significant current trends worldwide, and offers the...

392 pages
8.5 x 11
23 photos and illustrations

Bridging Scales and Knowledge Systems
Concepts and Applications in Ecosystem Assessment

Bridging the gap between local knowledge and western science is essential to understanding the world's ecosystems and the ways in which humans interact with and shape those ecosystems. This book brings together a group of world-class scientists...

368 pages
6 x 9

Estimating the value of ecotourism in the Djoudj National Bird Park in Senegal

Oumou K. Ly, Joshua Bishop, Dominic Moran, and Mamadou Dansokho

34 pages
8.5 x 11


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