Technology and Sustainability

Carolien Kroeze, Jan Boersema, Egbert Tellegen, and Annemarie Cremers

In ten essays, this book addresses a broad range of issues related to the interplay of sustainability and technology. How do population growth and technology relate to sustainable development? Can globalization be reconciled with sustainable...

116 pages
6 x 9

Changing Places
Urbanity, Citizenship, and Ideology in the New European Neighbourhoods

Edited by Frank Eckhardt and Marco Cremaschi

This book investigates the process of change in European neighbourhoods over the last twenty years, both newly and purposely built neighbourhoods and redeveloped ones. It shows that change takes many varied and complex paths, rather than the...

256 pages
6.8 x 9.5

Making Room for People
Choice, Voice and Liveability in Residential Places

Edited by Lei Qu and Evert Hasselaar

Making Room for People explores the conditions under which the choice and voice of residents contribute to more livable and sustainable urban areas. A number of Dutch cases illustrate the outcomes of recent policy measures, participatory...

256 pages
6.5 x 9.2

Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands
Governance, Design, and Feasibility

Edited by Agnes Franzen, Fred Hobma, Hans de Jonge, and Gerard Wigmans

In Europe, urban area development has witnessed an increased role and influence by the private sector, and is no longer dominated by the public sector. Management of Urban Development Processes discusses these changes and describes different...

288 pages
6.8 x 9.5

Changing Contexts in Urban Regeneration
30 years of Modernisation in Rotterdam

Urban renewal plans need to respond to new conditions and requirements, caused by changes in the population and in social structure.   Changing Contexts in Urban Regeneration presents a comprehensive overview of relevant theory, including the...

288 pages
6.69 x 9.44

Smart Building in a Changing Climate

Climate change and peak fuel are issues that affect society, technology, politics, markets—and also our built environment. Rather than just adapting to these changes, a proactive and integrated approach is needed, combining sustainable...

254 pages
6.7 x 9.4

The Re-creation of the European City
Governance, Territory, and Polycentricity

Edited by Rob Atkinson and Cristiana Rossignolo

Re-creation of the European City investigates the position of regions and cities both within Europe, and in a global context. It addresses the challenges that cities and city regions currently encounter: reconciling economic growth, dynamism, and...

288 pages
6.8 x 9.2

Greenspotting Haaglanden
Re-viewing Landscape

Alexandra Branderhorst, Duzan Doepel, Brechtje Horsten, Ad Koolen, Jessica Pronk, and Wim Timmermans

Greenspotting Haaglanden considers the meanings of green in Haaglanden, the metropolitan region of The Hague. The authors seek to define the landscape in terms of rhythm, light, feeling, and mathematics. This analysis is preceded by inspiring...

96 pages
9.25 x 11.3

Transforming with Water
Proceedings of the 45th World Congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architects

Edited by Wybe Kuitert

Transforming with Water provides a wide range of thoughts and experiences on a highly timely theme, designing with water. The book represents the Proceedings of the 45th International Federation of Landscape Architects, IFLA world Congress, June...

312 pages
6 x 4

Urban Networks-Network Urbanism

Urban networks, network cities, networked cities and city networks are widely discussed, but their has hardly been debate on what constitutes an urbanism of networks. It is time to shift network urbanism from the realm of general debate to that...

296 pages
6 x 9


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