Forest partnerships
Enhancing local livelihoods and protecting the environment in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Edited by Maria Osbeck and Marisha Wojciechowska-Shibuya

This publication draws on lessons learned from Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea in forest management, community development, indigenous knowledge and access to resources and social networks within the broad framework of the sustainable...

8.2 x 11.5

978 Interactions between aquaculture and the environment
Guide for the sustainable

Aquaculture currently faces a significant challenge: how to fulfill the expectation of alleviating the pressure that fishing fleets exercise on fish populations without leading to environmental problems. It is particularly expected to develop...

110 pages
5 x 8

The Status and Distribution of European Mammals

Helen J Temple and Andrew Terry

Numerous scientific studies show that biodiversity in Europe has been declining rapidly for some time and that this pattern has been matched by the great periods of expansion and intensification of land use. This first assessment of the Red List...

45 pages
8 x 11.2

Polar Bears
Proceedings of the 14th Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group, 20-24 June 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA

Jon Aars, Nicholas J. Lunn, and Andrew E. Derocher

These proceedings provide an overview of the ongoing research and management activities on polar bears in the circumpolar arctic. Together with the previous 13 proceedings, they provide an historic record of international efforts in protecting,...

189 pages
8.25 x 11.75

Assessment and Control of Biological Invasion Risks

Fumito Koike, Mick N. Clout, Mieko Kawamichi, Maj De Poorter, and Kunio Iwatsuki

Biological invasion, an issue of growing importance due to the significant increase in international transportation and trade, can disturb the balance of local ecosystems and even destroy them. This collection of papers presented at the...

216 pages
8.25 x 11.75

Evaluating Effectiveness
A Framework for Assessing Management Effectiveness of Protected Areas

Marc Hockings

The Framework for management effectiveness developed by the IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas was published in the first version of this Best Practice Guideline. It is further explained and interpreted, although not substantially altered...

105 pages
8.2 x 11.2

Judges and the Rule of Law
Creating the links: environment, human rights and poverty

Edited by Thomas Greiber

Judges play a critical role in the development, enforcement and compliance with environmental law. To showcase the role of the judiciary in upholding the rule of law, IUCN organized a “Judiciary Day” at its 2004 World Conservation...

110 pages
6.2 x 9.2

No cover image available
Lessons Learned

El Hadji M. Sene, Ibrahim Thiaw, and Birguy Lamizana-Diallo

At the close of a 15-year regional program to build institutional capacity for wetland resources management in West Africa, it was deemed essential to extract and review the lessons learned through this experience. This publication stems from the...

82 pages
8.5 x 11

Estimating the value of ecotourism in the Djoudj National Bird Park in Senegal

Oumou K. Ly, Joshua Bishop, Dominic Moran, and Mamadou Dansokho

34 pages
8.5 x 11

Establishing Payments for Watershed Services

Mark Smith, Rudolf De Groot, Daniele Perrot-Maitre, Ger Bergkamp, and IUCN, Water and Nature Initiative

This guide aims to provide practical tools to non specialists–essentially water resources planners, river basin managers, non-governmental organizations and private sector operators. It links the most recent practice on payments for...

112 pages
7.5 x 10


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