Water as a Human Right?

Angela Cassar and Noemi Nemes

Formally acknowledging water as a human right could encourage the international community and governments to enhance their efforts to satisfy basic human needs and to meet the Millennium Development Goals. But critical questions arise in relation...

53 pages
6.2 x 9.2

The Top 50 Mediterranean Island Plants
Wild Plants at the Brink of Extinction and What Is Needed to Save Them

B. de Montmollin

The flora of the Mediterranean islands includes many rare and localized species unique to the islands. Some of these are particularly threatened with extinction due to various pressures caused by people and their activities in Mediterranean...

109 pages
6 x 8.25

Securing Protected Areas in the Face of Global Change
Issues and Strategies

Edited by Charles Barber and Kenton Miller

We live in a world of rapid global change: biophysical, socio-economic and institutional. This book examines the issues and options for protected area management to ensure that we continue to protect the Earth’s most valuable ecosystems in...

234 pages
8.2 x 11.2

Legal aspects in the implementation of CDM forestry projects

Maria Socorro Z. Manguiat, Roda Verheyen, Jens Mackensen, and Gerald Scholz

Among the various innovative instruments linked to the Kyoto Protocol is the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which offers developed countries a chance to offset some of their greenhouse gas emissions by funding development projects in areas...

70 pages
6 x 9

The Urban imperative: urban outreach strategies for protected area agencies
How those responsible for protected areas can better serve people in large cities and build stronger urban constituencies for nature conservation. Proceedings of a workshop at the Vth World Parks Congress

Thaddeus C. Trzyna

Almost half the world’s people live in cities and this proportion is steadily growing. Protected areas provide important benefits to cities; conversely, conservationists depend on support from voters, leaders, and opinion-shapers largely...

168 pages
8.2 x 11

Values and Rewards
Counting and Capturing Ecosystem Water Services for Sustain

Edited by Lucy Emerton

Water ecosystems have long been perceived by decision makers as having little value simply because their economic value is poorly understood and rarely articulated. Calculating the economic value of an ecosystem is a means of providing...

93 pages
8.5 x 11.5

Disclosure Requirements
Ensuring Mutual Supportiveness Between the WTO TRIPS Agreement and the CBD

There is an urgent need for concrete steps to foster the mutual supportiveness of the objectives embodied in the Convention on Biological Diversity and multilateral trade rules under the World Trade Organization. Intellectual property is one area...

48 pages
8.25 x 11.75

The Conservation Biology of Molluscs
Proceedings Of A Symposium Held At The 9Th International Malacological Congress

Edited by E. Alison Kay

84 pages
8.8 x 11

Friends for Life
New Partners in Support of Protected Areas

The 5th IUCN World Parks Congress held in 2003 in Durban, South Africa was host to a stream of workshops dedicated to the broad topic of building support for protected areas. As a means of providing a more coherent picture, a separate set of...

232 pages
8.25 x 11.5

Antelopes: Part 4 - North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia
Global Survey And Regional Action Plans

S.C. Kingswood and D. P. Mallon

Antelope herds numbering in the tens of thousands formerly occurred across the steppes and semideserts of Eurasia and India, but these have nearly all been reduced to fractions of their earlier size; antelope populations are now fragmented across...

268 pages
8 x 10.8


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