Linkages in practice
A review of their conservation value

Graham Bennett

Until well into recent times, a high level of connectivity existed among ecosystems. Through the ever-increasing extent and intensity of human exploitation of natural resources, however, the pattern of human activities as islands in a sea of...

28 pages
6 x 11

Securing protected area integrity and rural people's livelihoods
Lessons from Twelve Years of the Kibale and Semliki Conservation and Development Project

Edited by Puma B. Chhetri, Edmund G.C. Barrow, and Alex Muhweezi

This report is currently available in an electronic format only. To view the report and others published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), please visit IUCN's website.  This...

156 pages
8.4 x 5.8

Guide to Undertaking Biodiversity Legal and Institutional Profiles
A Contribution To The Global Biodiversity Strategy

Edited by Lyle Glowka

Biodiversity-related laws and institutions will be key mechanisms for attaining the objectives of the Convention on biological diversity. As part of the national biodiversity planning process, legal and institutional profiles should be undertaken...

75 pages
8.2 x 11.8

Planning Environmental Communication and Education
Lessons From Asia

Edited by Wendy Goldstein and Seema Saeed

The text provides an overview of environmental communication and education practice and lessons from Asian governments, NGOs and the media. Drawing from papers presented at the IUCN, Unesco, UNEP organized workshop for Asian environment...

92 pages
12 x 12

No cover image available
Trends And Options Toward The Year 2025

IUCN Biodiversity Policy Coordination Division

The paper published here was produced for discussion during the first World Conservation Congress in Montreal, Canada in October 1996. Drawing on the scientific and technical expertise of his colleagues as well as on past experience, the author...

121 pages
7 x 10

Enhancing Sustainability
Resources For Our Future

Edited by Melissa H. Danskin and Hendrik A. van der Linde

The papers in this inaugural volume were presented at a workshop organized by the IUCN Sustainable Use Initiative (SUI) during the 1st World Conservation Congress, 1996. The first section includes several thought-provoking papers on broad issues...

185 pages
8.5 x 12

Status Survey And Conservation Action Plan

IUCN/SSC Odonata Specialist Group

Dragonflies, those beautiful and colorful creatures which can often be seen hovering above water, pre-date dinosaurs. Today, some 5,000 species have been described and many more await discovery and description. The value of dragonflies lies in...

33 pages
8.5 x 11

A Guide to Designing Legal Frameworks to Determine Access to Genetic Resources
Environmental Policy and Law Paper No. 34

Lyle Glowka

This book highlights some of the principles which should be considered by planners, legislative drafters, and policy-makers as they work to develop legal frameworks on access to genetic resources in their countries. Contextual information on the...

108 pages
8.5 x 12

Explanatory Guide to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
IUCN Environmental Policy and Law Paper No. 57

Gerald Moore

The entry into force of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture marks the commitment of the world community to a freestanding convention directed at addressing both global needs for food security and...

212 pages
8.25 x 11.75


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