Renewable Resource Policy
The Legal-Institutional Foundations

Renewable Resource Policy is a comprehensive volume covering the history, laws, and important national policies that affect renewable resource management. The author traces the history of renewable natural resource policy and management in...

572 pages
6 x 9

The Clean Water Act 20 Years Later

This volume explores the issues associated with the complex subject of water quality protection in an assessment of the successes and failures of the Clean Water Act over the past twenty years. In addition to examining traditional indicators of...

333 pages
6 x 9

Global Marine Biological Diversity
A Strategy For Building Conservation Into Decision Making

Global Marine Biological Diversity presents the most up-to-date information and view on the challenge of conserving the living sea and how that challenge can be met.

415 pages
6 x 9

Wetlands of Tanzania
Proceedings Of A Seminar On The Wetlands Of Tanzania 27-29 November 1991

Edited by S. A. Crafter and G. L. Kamukala

These 16 papers and final recommendations provide up-to-date information and offer guidance on future wetlands development options.

169 pages
9.2 x 6.3

Compass and Gyroscope
Integrating Science And Politics For The Environment

Kai N. Lee; Foreword by Philip Shabecoff

Using the Columbia River Basin in the Pacific Northwest as a case study, Kai Lee describes the concept and practice of "adaptive management," as he examines the successes and failures of past and present management experiences. Throughout the...

255 pages
6 x 9

Environmental Strategies for Industry
International Perspectives On Research Needs And Policy Implications

Edited by Kurt Fischer and Johan Schot

Many large firms and multinational corporations are beginning to develop innovative environmental strategies that acknowledge the fact that sound environmental policies can actually enhance economic competitiveness and increase market share....

399 pages
6 x 9

Paving Over the Past
A History And Guide To Civil War Battlefield Preservation

Georgie Boge Geraghty and Margie Boge; Foreword by James M. McPherson

In this exhaustively researched book, Georgie Boge and Margie Boge analyze the issues and controversies surrounding the preservation of Civil War battlefield sites, and offer a pragmatic development program designed to accommodate the needs of...

239 pages
6 x 9

Faith in a Seed
The Dispersion Of Seeds And Other Late Natural History Writings

Henry D. Thoreau; Edited by Bradley P. Dean; Foreword by Gary Paul Nabhan

Faith in a Seed contains the hitherto unpublished work The Dispersion of Seeds, one of Henry D. Thoreau's last important research and writing projects, and now his first new book to appear in 125 years.

With the remarkable clarity...

301 pages
7 x 9.25

Passing Strange and Wonderful
Aesthetics Nature And Culture

In this rich and rewarding work, Yi-Fu Tuan vividly demonstrates that feeling and beauty are essential components of life and society. The aesthetic is not merely one aspect of culture but its central core -- both its driving force and its...

288 pages
6 x 9