From David Miller, Island Press President

Friends I hope you are doing as well as possible in these troubled times. I wanted to give you a brief overview of how Island Press is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak.

First of all, please know that we are here for you. The global pandemic is changing how we live, work, and learn. But you and the rest of our community haven't stopped working to solve environmental challenges. We intend to do all that we can to support you.

What Island Press is doing:

  • All Island Press staff are working remotely. We are doing our part to keep everyone safe and "flatten the curve."
  • We are offering more than a dozen e-books for free and are sharing a wealth of free videos and webinars.
  • We are increasing our online engagement and resources, and helping our partners do the same. See the latest through our events page.
  • We are helping scientists, activists, and other professionals communicate on current events, including COVID-19.
  • We are making a number of titles available through print-on-demand services, which can deliver print books to customers and book stores while our warehouse is closed. 
  • Through various partner programs, we are giving academic libraries more flexibility with e-books to eliminate wait times and provide increased access for students.

What you can do to help:

  • Pre-order books through Island Press or your local bookstore. They will be delivered as soon as they're available and you'll be providing authors with your early support and endorsement.
  • Spread the word! Share our webinars, articles, and books via social media.
  • Give a monetary donation—make a one-time contribution or set up a monthly gift. Every dollar helps.

These are hard times for all of us, and non-profits like Island Press are not immune from the economic challenges we all now face.

We are working hard to ensure that Island Press continues to provide the knowledge, solutions, and inspiration you need to create a more sustainable world. Please know that we are dedicated to supporting the environmental community now and into the future.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for all you're doing for the environmental movement.