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The Great Lakes Water Wars

By Peter Annin

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"This book oozes power, from the awe-inspiring crash of waves on Lake Superior to the visceral conflict over water diversion fights, the audacity of pumping schemes, and the big idea that the Great Lakes region should have control over its own destiny. Never boring, the writing zooms along at a pleasant pace that allows the reader to absorb the issues and their quest for resolution."
—Tim Eder, program officer, C.S. Mott Foundation, former Executive Director, Great Lakes Commission

"This extensively revised edition of The Great Lakes Water Wars places the Great Lakes in the context of water wars across the globe. Annin's meticulous research and historical backstories mesmerize Great Lakes nerds like me and present a captivating story for general readers. It is a vitally important book by a master storyteller for anybody who relies on freshwater for life. Yes, that's all of us."
—Andy Buchsbaum, vice president, National Wildlife Federation

"Not mere water, the Great Lakes are a spirit, ecology, economy, brand, political movement, and human right that millions will defend like family. Annin deftly draws these competing forces into his narrative of a 'century of water' that alternately points this saturated region toward vibrant renewal or a spiral of conflict. Essential for anyone who believes Great Lakes water is the next grand idea."
—Joel Brammeier, President and CEO, Alliance for the Great Lake

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