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The Farm Bill

By Daniel Imhoff with Christina Badaracco

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"Dan Imhoff does an extraordinary job of explaining an impenetrable bill with such clarity that we can't ignore the facts: that our current Farm Bill profoundly damages our organic farms, our environment, and our health. Just as extraordinary are the practical solutions Imhoff proposes for fixing the bill—humane policies that would support regenerative agriculture and our local farmers instead of tearing them down."
—Alice Waters, Executive Chef, Founder, and Owner, Chez Panisse

"Cuts to the core of dozens of issues Congress wrestles with every four years, and gives citizens sage advice for making their voices heard in a debate too often dominated by Big Ag, Big Food, and Big Money."
—Ken Cook, President and Cofounder, Environmental Working Group

"A must-read for those who truly care about how they feed themselves and their families."
—Michel Nischan, Founder and CEO, Wholesome Wave

"Readers will gain deep insight into the big barriers to Farm Bill reform, but also into the ripening opportunities for major change. Imhoff makes a strong case for why we should care and what it will take to transform policy."
—Ferd Hoefner, Strategic Senior Advisor, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

"Dan Imhoff is the go-to person if you want to know both details and the full sweep of the Farm Bill."
—Wes Jackson, President Emeritus, The Land Institute

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