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The Divided City

By Alan Mallach

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"Deeply researched survey of the dual processes of revival and decline in American cities large and small… certain chapters, particularly one on gentrification, captivate."

"Picks apart the slow progress in the U.S.'s post-industrial (or 'legacy') cities, and finds that by and large, it's leaving a large portion, mainly low-income and nonwhite, of the population behind."
—Fast Company

"This important new book is a must-read for anyone working to change the course of urban American today, perhaps in Detroit most of all."
—Detroit Free Press

"Alan Mallach’s The Divided City is the best and most relevant book written on urban planning and policy in post-industrial cities in the 21st century...[It] is not only packed with information and ideas, but is well-written, enjoyable, and engaging....[it] provides a thorough, nuanced, and much-needed discussion about race and concentrated poverty...vitally important..useful to practitioners, academics, and citizens...a classic on urban planning and policy."  
—Cleveland Scene

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