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The Blue Revolution

By Nicholas Sullivan

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For the world’s oceans, overfishing is a worrisome problem.  Many global fish stocks are at a dangerous tipping point, some spiraling toward extinction. But there is a new way to think about fish, food, and oceans. The Blue Revolution tells the story of the recent transformation of commercial fishing, where entrepreneurs are applying newer, smarter technologies to modernize fisheries in unprecedented ways that relieve overstressed oceans.

Nicholas P. Sullivan presents this new way of thinking by profiling the people and policies transforming an aging industry into one fueled by “sea-foodies” and locavores interested in sustainable, traceable, quality seafood. The Blue Revolution brings encouraging news for conservationists and seafood lovers about the transformation of an industry historically averse to change, and it presents fresh inspiration for entrepreneurs and investors eager for new opportunities in a blue-green economy.

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