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Prospects for Resilience

Edited by Eric W. Sanderson, William D. Solecki, John R. Waldman, and Adam S. Parris


Prospects for Resilience
Now $19.99 9781610917346

Informed by insights of more than fifty scholars and practitioners, Prospects for Resilience establishes a broad framework for understanding resilience practice in cities and sets out a process for grappling with the many meanings of resilience.

The book demonstrates how various components of cities interact, from climatic factors to plant populations to human demographics. It also highlights essential tools for creating resilient watersheds, including monitoring and identifying system indicators; computer modeling; green infrastructure; and decision science methods. Finally, it looks at the role and importance of "boundary organizations," like the new Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay in coordinating and facilitating resilience work, and considers significant research questions and prospects for the future of urban watersheds.

Prospects for Resilience sets forth an essential foundation of information and knowledge not only for those working in Jamaica Bay or other urban watersheds, but for all researchers, urban planners, students, and others who need to create more resilient cities.







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