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Within Walking Distance

By Philip Langdon

$39.99 Now $14.99 9781610917735


EarthEd (State of the World)

"Hard to put down...the book is so rich in detail that I learned something useful or remarkable on nearly every page. Langdon is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable writers on urbanism today...The new urban era is upon us and Within Walking Distance may be the best guidebook to explore how people and places are making this period a reality."
Public Square

"Talks convincingly about changes our cities and neighborhoods are going through...The stories are important, because they help us see that nothing is predetermined."
Common Edge

In Within Walking Distance, journalist and urban critic Philip Langdon looks at why and how Americans are shifting toward a more human-scale way of building and living. He shows how people are creating, improving, and caring for walkable communities. To draw the most important lessons, Langdon spent time in six communities that differ in size, history, wealth, diversity, and education, yet share crucial traits: compactness, a mix of uses and activities, and human scale. To improve conditions and opportunities for everyone, Langdon argues that places where the best of life is within walking distance ought to be at the core of our thinking. This book is for anyone who wants to understand what can be done to build, rebuild, or improve a community while retaining the things that make it distinctive.




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