Resilience Matters: Flourishing in an Era of Extremes | An Island Press book

Book Club Special Event - Resilience Matters: Flourishing in an Era of Extremes

Wednesday, 15 May 2024 - 2:00pm

Resilience Matters: Flourishing in an Era of Extremes is a recently published, free e-book by the Island Press Urban Resilience Project. In it you’ll find 50 hopeful and life-affirming articles written by leading experts in the topics of… 

  • • Climate adaptation and justice. 
  • • Sustainable, equitable communities. 
  • • Policy and funding. 
  • • Environment and health. 

During this Book Club Special Event, you’ll be joined by the Project’s main editor, Laurie Mazur, along with two experts whose work is featured in the book. Learn about the Urban Resilience Project, how “resilience” itself has evolved since the Project’s inception, and lessons learned from practitioners and visionaries in the field. Participants will focus on the disproportionate impact of climate change on certain communities – including the elderly and communities of color – and explore cutting-edge, community-led solutions to keeping people safe and healthy in a hotter, more dangerous world. 

A recording of this webinar will be shared in a follow-up email to attendees and in the Book Club Group on Reality Hub. Throughout the webinar, feel free to submit questions for our speakers using the Q&A Feature at the bottom of your Zoom window. We will do our best to get to every question!