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Vacant to Vibrant by Sandra Albro | An Island Press book"Liberally illustrated with schematics and photographs of stormwater parks, Vacant to Vibrant is the perfect tool for educating planners and policymakers who are in positions to effect change and foster the replication of the approach anywhere that has vacant land that can be put to better use."
Civil Engineering

"Vacant to Vibrant is a timely contribution to addressing the challenges of repurposing vacant land. The low-cost strategies that also engage stakeholders in the design process offers replicable real-world examples that can have real impact."
—Mark Lindquist, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan

Vacant lots, so often seen as neighborhood blight, have the potential to be a key element of community revitalization. Sandra Albro offers practical insights through her experience leading the five-year Vacant to Vibrant project, which piloted the creation of green infrastructure networks in Gary, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; and Buffalo, New York. Vacant to Vibrant provides a point of comparison among the three cities as they adapt old systems to new, green technology. Albro offers insights from every step of the Vacant to Vibrant project, including planning, design, community engagement, implementation, and maintenance successes and challenges of creating a green infrastructure network from vacant lots in neighborhoods.

Students whose work involves resilience and sustainability in the urban environment will learn new approaches for creating infrastructure networks and facilitating more equitable access to green space.

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