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Future Arctic

By Edward Struzik

ISBN: 9781610915922

Future Arctic

"This book is a fascinating collection of firsthand obervations and insights gleaned from decades of travels with scientists across the Arctic....Though many scientific assessments of Arctic change have been produced, none are as readable or engaging as Future Arctic, and that is what makes this book so important." 
Conservation Biology

"Struzik's book is a thoughtful and impassioned argument that we need to respond to a warming world by researching, adapting, and changing what we are able to."
Pacific Standard

"An urgent, passionate defense of ecological conservation and understanding."

"An engaging new account of a planet transformed."

"Provocative...detailed, impeccably reported exploration of how man-made climate change is already reshaping the Arctic…The Arctic’s future isn’t bright, says Struzik, but it is adaptable, if we’re smart. In any case, it is inevitable, and Future Arctic is a must-read for lovers of the far north and climate change realists."




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