Chapter 17 | Planning for Particular Geographic Areas

This chapter discusses the substantive issues involved in planning for such areas. It also outlines the process for incorporating small area plans into a larger community planning effort.

Chapter 18 | Planning for Renewal and Revitalization

Today there is an increased emphasis in the United States on renewing and revitalizing neighborhoods, downtown areas and other parts of the community. This chapter also includes a discussion of the reuse of brownfields.

Chapter 19 | Planning for Natural Hazards and Community Safety

This chapter provides a broad introduction to planning to deal with floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and landslides, and to applying principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design to neighborhoods and entire communities.

Chapter 20 | Planning for Housing

This chapter provides an introduction to planning for community housing needs. It includes a discussion of housing supply and demand, the effects of the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act on housing; the effects of federal policies on local housing; the role of local governments in providing housing and shaping the market; and local and state affordable housing programs.

Chapter 21 | Planning for Jobs

Economic development efforts in communities in the United States typically focus on bringing “economic base” jobs to the community – jobs that produce goods or services that are sold outside the community, so that they will help to bring new money into the community. This chapter discusses the role of planning and planners in economic development.