Island Press Partners


Island Press is not an advocacy organization. Our mission is instead to provide quality content and a network of authors, addressing vital environmental issues impacting the world. We educate and inspire a variety of audiences interested in the health of our climate with a lens towards equity and justice.

The Island Press Partnership Program works with nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, university departments, and other like-minded groups. Through strategic and thoughtful collaboration, Island Press Partnerships elevates the reputations of organizations across the environmental sustainability spectrum.

Customized cooperation ensures the needs and goals of each partner are met. We share timely, relevant resources that support their missions. By associating with Island Press, our partners receive benefits for their members, boards, and broader networks.

Our partners connect with us, and each other, to create inspirational educational campaigns.  Through these campaigns, we utilize our resources in print, in person, and online using the latest technologies, programs, and media. Our goal is to reach those who are making the greatest impact in solving our intersectional environmental issues.