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The Curious Life of Krill by Stephen Nicol | An Island Press book

"The book is an ode to Antarctic krill... [Its] makes you feel as if you’re part of an engaging dinnertime conversation." 
—Science News

"Marine scientist Nicol's passion for krill...certainly comes across...those seeking a very accessible entry point to marine biology and conservation will find it here."
—Publishers Weekly

"The Curious Life of Krill takes the reader deep into the Southern Ocean...Nicol writes passionately about [krill] biology, exploitation, and management."

"The Curious Life of Krill offers a newfound appreciation for the complex ecology of a species we have much to learn from, and many reasons to protect. An exceptional and impressively informative study...unreservedly recommended."
—Midwest Book Review

"Few scientists delight in the subjects of their study with the renaissance manner of Nicol. In The Curious Life of Krill, Nicol combines science, philosophy, art, and conservation to tell a deeply personal story of his life's work: Antarctic krill. He does so with insight, humor, and engaging, accessible prose that encourages us to think bravely and broadly about how to look after our world. For this we should be deeply grateful."
Nick Gales, Director, Australian Antarctic Division

Download Chapter 1: Oceans of Krill here or read it below.