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Firestorm by Edward Struzik | An Island Press book

"As greater and more destructive fires become the norm, this narrative should be required reading." —Library Journal

"Combining personal insights with keen investigative-journalistic skills, Struzik presents a comprehensive and compelling overview of the future of wildfire management." —Booklist

"Struzik delivers a powerful message that will appeal to environmentally minded readers and students of climate change." —Kirkus

"An essential and crackling good read on the new reality of megafires...a new kind of prophetic non-fiction...Firestorm belongs in both depth and timeliness next to Elizabeth Kolbert's fascinating and grim account of the forces eroding biological diversity in The Sixth Extinction." —Tyee

In Firestorm, journalist Edward Struzik visits scorched earth from Alaska to Maine, and introduces the scientists, firefighters, and resource managers making the case for a radically different approach to managing wildfire in the 21st century. Wildfires can no longer be treated as avoidable events because the risk and dangers are becoming too great and costly.


Click here to download Chapter 5: Water on Fire or read it below.