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"This book is a fascinating collection of firsthand obervations and insights gleaned from decades of travels with scientists across the Arctic.... Though many scientific assessments of Arctic change have been produced, none are as readable or engaging as Future Arctic, and that is what makes this book so important."
Conservation Biology

"Struzik succinctly and vigorously covers almost the full scope of Arctic change.... Struzik conveys some sharp observations to which scientists and policymakers ought to pay sincere attention."

"Few places on earth are changing as fast as the high Arctic, and few have told the story as compellingly as Ed Struzik." 
—Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth

"Provocative...detailed, impeccably reported exploration of how man-made climate change is already reshaping the Arctic…The Arctic’s future isn’t bright, says Struzik, but it is adaptable, if we’re smart. In any case, it is inevitable, and Future Arctic is a must-read for lovers of the far north and climate change realists."

"An engaging new account of a planet transformed." 

"In Future Arctic, the intrepid explorer shares tales of his adventures, from surviving a terrifying peregrine falcon attack and tracking polar bears to navigating an anomalous Arctic cyclonic storm and living in native communities.... The author views the Arctic through the lenses of archaeology, geology, anthropology, and ecology to draw a unique picture of where the sensitive region has been and where it might be headed." 
The Scientist

"The scope and detail of his diagnosis lend weight to an alarming prognosis." 
BBC Wildlife

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