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2019 may be remembered as the year when climate change got real.

It was a year that saw the hottest month in human history (July), and one that capped the warmest decade on record. By mid-year, the U.S. had seen its wettest 12-month period in history. Epic floods inundated the Midwest, delaying planting season and compounding farmers’ economic misery. At year’s end, heat and drought fueled apocalyptic bushfires across Australia.

But, if climate change got real in 2019, climate resilience got realer. The Trump Administration may have abdicated its responsibility to head off climate chaos, but so many others—mayors, activists, scientists, ordinary people—stepped into the breach. At the Island Press Urban Resilience Project (URP), we have the great privilege of helping those climate leaders tell their stories via short-form writing: articles, op-eds, interviews, and more. 

A selection of those stories and solutions from the year 2019 have now been collected in the embeded e-book below, Resilience Matters: Action in an Age of Uncertainty 

Click here to download the PDF of Resilience Matters.

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