How do we make farmland more affordable? What can conservation easements, land trusts and other farm transfer mechanisms do to open the market to others outside of the direct descendants of farmers themselves? 

Whitewash and Grain by Grain covers

The overuse of chemicals in agriculture has brought with it a host of health and ecological problems. Despite the risks, governments have continued to give a green light to the companies producing harmful chemical pesticides, herbicides, and...

Farmer in tractor. Photo by Spencer Pugh/Unsplash

All Americans —farmers included— will suffer the consequences of degraded water quality and damaging floods that will come with the repeal of the Clean Water Rule.

In this conversation, Kevin D. Walker answers the question: What is the grand food bargain? 

In this week's #ForewordFriday, hear the story of the straight-shooting “green economy cowboy” Bob Quinn in his own words. 

Kirkus Reviews called it "A compelling agricultural story skillfully told; environmentalists will eat it up." In Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food...

Dan Barber, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Blue Hill, discusses the importance of Nourished Planet in this one minute book trailer. 

By 2050, we will have ten billion mouths to feed in a world profoundly altered by environmental change. How will we meet this challenge? In How to Feed the World, a diverse group of experts...

Photo by Joanna Krosinka

Gene banks and seed vaults are saving and protecting crop seeds and the genetic diversity within crops, crop races, and some closely related species. There are some 1,700 gene and seed banks in the world with perhaps the most well-known being the...

An in-depth look at how urban gardening is hoping to heal divisions that have plagued Milwaukee—and our nation as a whole


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