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During National Authors Day, we hear from editors on their experiences working with authors.

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After two years at home, sitting in a darkened room trying to make sense of research notes, wrestling slippery arguments into a book, I took the show on the road, spending half of April travelling around the US. It felt great to be out in the open,...

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If you're still looking for a holiday gift, consider getting one of these Island Press e-books (no shipping necessary!). We asked some of our authors (and Island Press staff) for their recommendations.

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The view of the University of Montana campus from the nearby Mt. Sentinel.

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To celebrate Earth Day this year, we asked a range of Island Press authors to briefly answer the question "Within your field, what specific progress on an environmental issue do you hope has been made by next Earth Day?" From your backyard to our...

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Today's staff pick, Epicurean Simplicity, comes from our Associate Editor, Courtney Lix.

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