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#ForewordFriday: Big Cat Week Edition

Island Press agrees with National Geographic: big cats are cool. In honor of the last day of Nat Geo's #BigCatWeek, we'd like to help celebrate by highlighting one of the most mysterious big cats in the world: the jaguar.
Photo Credit: Steve Winter/Panthera

Violence in Conservation: A Blatant Travesty

Recently I was informed by my publisher, Island Press, of a report stating that 2015 was deadliest year on record for environmental activists. Given that over the last three decades I have worked on protected areas and corridors for jaguars and tigers in 11 of the top 15 countries listed in the report, I was asked if I would like to comment on the issue. My first thought was that there was no proper response to such an egregious fact.&n
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Magical Thinking is Not Conservation

Post by David Johns, contributor to Keeping the Wild: Against the Domestication of Earth. When humans started to farm 12,000 years ago, they began to change the earth in basic ways, pushing aside other species to make room for themselves and those they favored, killing creatures they didn’t want and domesticating others, altering soils and water courses to suit themselves, and generally replacing ecological complexity with simplified landscapes.
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Island Press Staff Picks - An Indomitable Beast

Local Maya schoolchildren being brought to the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve in Belize to be taught about jaguars and other wildlife. (Photo by Becci Foster, Panthera.)
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Panthers and Airboats

As well as being a fabulous place to get to know mangroves, the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge is home to one of nature’s rarest big cats: the Florida panther. I talked about panther management with the leader of the recovery program while airboating around the Picayune Strand. That night, a panther showed itself, to the elation of one person and the frustration of another . . . Read more »